Snow Day 2010

•February 21, 2010 • 11 Comments

Hey it snowed on Friday, February12th and I took some photos. I’ve been a little lax in posting them but here you go. Terry even had the day off as a “Snow Day”…which as you can understand, is pretty darn rare here in Alabama. We spent the day relaxing and watching movies. What a fun day! Here are some photos we took a little after it started snowing. All in all we got about 5-6 inches. Sadly it melted all by the next afternoon because it got around 60 degrees that next day.

Here are Terry and I in the backyard.

Terry having a snowball fight with Napoleon. Somehow Baby girl won. I’m not sure how that happened.

Here the losers are doing their loser anti-victory dance.

Popo was talking smack so Terry had to make him eat his works.

Popo was dutifully put into his place. Awww. OMG, how adorable is he?

Here is Baby Girl…the champion, not looking particularly pleased. Look at that attitude. Gotta love her.

Here they are running around having a blast. In years past they seemed to really hate the snow but this year they actually seemed to enjoy themselves.

This was right after the snow had started so you can see that the snow isn’t that deep. They are even eating it! Ha!

One of the lights along the path into the front of the house. So pretty all covered in winter.

Terry was writing in the snow on the roof of the car. I love the view of the neighborhood behind him. It’s just so wintery!

Our house in the snow!

Terry says, “Snow Day to Everyone!”


Happy Valentines Day

•February 14, 2010 • 11 Comments

To write, perchance to dream…

•February 11, 2010 • 11 Comments

Hello dear readers! It’s almost Valentines Day, can you believe that? I think this year is tripping along so quickly. Of course being out of work might be increasing that feeling, because if I were working I might feel the passage of days more accutely. Right now things blur into a mix of job searching, housework, cooking, housework, writing, job searching, painting, job searching, writing, housework, reading, housework, sleeping on couch, writing, housework, watching tv, job searching, etc. I think you get the idea.

In cases you couldn’t tell I’m also writing now. I’ve always wanted to be a writer; since I was seven years old. I distinctly remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a writer and they bought me the most awesome typewriter for christmas that year. I wish I still had that typewriter. I remember using it up through college, mostly for writing poetry, as I had a personal computer by middle school and it wasn’t practical to write essays on it a typewriter, but it was a grand thing, that typewriter.

I rembember the first book I ever wrote was called “The Secret Doors” and I was in 2nd grade. My teacher thought it was so impressive she entered it into a contest and I came in second place. That was what got me hooked on writing, I think. When I child, my mom described me as someone who could invent a world and amuse herself for hours with nothing more than a peice of string and a paper clip. Now this might sound like an insult, but its not. What she means is that I have a vivid imagination and I’m able to use my mind to come up with whole worlds out of the ether of my imagination. My second novel I wrote when I was 16 and it was a total ripoff of “The Watchers” by Dean Koontz and “Jurassic Park” byMichael Crichton. I loved them both and they completely influenced my writing at that age.

Of course, life took over and I needed to make money. Writers do not not make money right away…if ever. In fact I’m pretty sure the success rate is very low and even if you actually complete your masterpeice, there is absolutly no guarentee that it will sell. I could write the next Harry Potter and no one may ever buy it. I started working full time at twenty and didn’t even get my college degree until years later when I was able to get it at night while working a boring office job during the daytime. The degree made it capable for me to get a better boring office job but it was a lot more stress and when I got home from work I was too exhausted to even think about getting on computer and being creative. Thus my life went on for over a decade. Although I did manage to write a screenplay during that time.

But now I’m currently out of work. Sure, yes, I’m actively seeking out employment (I do have bills to pay!) but while I’ve got this time off, I’m using it to sit down and write one of the novels thats been tossing around in my head for years. And in case you’re wondering, I’m writing a Historical Romance novel. And no, I’m not embarassed or ashamed at that. I know that a lot of people want to write the next “Catcher in the Rye” or “Of Mice and Men” or something terribly literary like that but not me. Some of my favorite books are by the authors Julia Quinn, Karen Marie Moning and Elizabeth Hoyt. I also love Jim Butcher, Laruel K. Hamilton and JK Rowling.

Anyways, I’m at about 12,000 words so far for the novel, so around 1/4 to 1/5 of the way through the novel. Things are going good. I’ve been keeping to my plan to write at least 10 pages a day. Sometimes more. Ideas flowing like wine. Hopefully it isn’t complete drivel. Terry read the first paragraph and he wrinkled his nose and stated, “its a romance novel.” I smacked him. I told him that it was supposed to be one. And he suggested I toss in some ninjas or transforming robots. Ugh. Men!

Anyways, thats what I’ve been up to. Sorry no photos in this post. Also if you are feeling charitable, you’re welcome to go to my Etsy shop and buy something. As I’ve said, I’ve got bills to pay! Support your local artists! 🙂

Psychic Painting

•January 27, 2010 • 8 Comments

Hey everybuddy! I’m doing pretty good. Has anyone else seen the show “Psych” on USA? I loooove that show. I’m totally addicted to it!

In other news, while I’m on the prowl for my next awesome job (because anything has to be better than my last job), as  you know I’ve started selling my art on Etsy. I hope everyone has had a chance to check it out. Here are some photos of some of the art I currently have on sale in the shop if you’re curious!

It actually feels pretty darn good to be painting again. I’ve been doing it since I was 12 so it actually feels really good to be doing it again. And hopefully I can earn a few extra bucks for my family in the process.

Falling Water


The Plum Garden

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Lassitude and Longitude

Check out my shop and tell me what you think! Don’t forget to *Heart* my shop! And, of course, buy something if you feel like it!

Its an Etsy kind of day…

•January 22, 2010 • 11 Comments

Hey everyone! Long time no blog? Sorry about my long absense but since my last post I’m now out of work and I’ve been consumed with the job hunt, applying to everything I possibly can and cleaning up around the house. Another thing that I’m doing is selling some artwork that I do on Etsy. I’ve been painting since I was 12 so that makes me…someone whos been painting for 20 years now. Man, that makes me feel old! Anyways, go check out my stuff. Buy something if you feel like it. Not only will you get some awesome origional art – but you’ll be helping out the needy. You know, me, and the puggies. All art is 100% pug approved.

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop:

Happy New Year!

•January 4, 2010 • 17 Comments

A new year, a new decade…and more photos of my pugs. This year is just getting off to a fabulous start, isn’t it? For us Christmas and New Years were very low-key and relaxing…no stress at all actually. We watched tv (old Christmas favorites like “Its a Wonderful Life” and David Tennant’s “End of Time” as The Doctor). I read an amazing series of books by Jim Butcher called “The Dresden Files”, curled up on the couch next to Terry while he played “Dragon Age” on the Xbox. It was really a wonderful holiday.

Here are a few cute photos that we took. Now that we’re potty training the dogs to go potty outside…our little Ruki seems to find the cold weather unappealing. Napoleon doesn’t really seem to mind that much (probally because he’s a fawn and he’s got the whole double-coat thing going on), but for that reason, I bought my little Baby Girl the cutest little down vest! I love the look of it. Check her out…she’s totally stylin’.

And here’s the side view. Yes, it has velcro along the chest that is supposed to close but its just a wee bit too small and the jacket keeps coming undone. If I were to go up to the “Medium” size it would be too big for her. This one fits her perfectly…except through her belly. I think I”m going to go to Hobby Lobby and try and maybe sew some elastic and a toggle button on it to keep it in place, and yet still be easy to slip on and off her.

And then, finally, if anyone has any doubt if my little angel is a diva…well, you can see what she uses as a cushion to sit upon frequently. Yes, that is Popo giving his pathetic face.

Happy Christmas Eve!

•December 24, 2009 • 10 Comments

Woke up this morning to this. Very hard to leave and go into work.