The Nevis's GamercardHow did it get started?
See, it all started long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Allison (Nevis) met a wonderful man, Terry (Van Redd), on an internet forum page and fell in love. The forum was for a really awesome podcast about the Xbox 360, called “Achievement Junkies” with Nelson & Natalie. They met there in mid-April and fell headfirst into a heady tornado of love and chainsaws.  

In June of 2007, Allison visited him in Alabama and…loved it. Then, a month later, in July, Terry visited Allison out in Los Angeles, and thought it was…‘just nice’. All kidding aside, he liked some of the places they visited but on the whole he wasn’t a fan of Los Angeles. Too many people, too much traffic, too much smog. Soon, Terry asked Alli to move to Alabama to be with him, and she said yes. Of course Alabama isn’t as “urbane” as Los Angeles, but they both love the feel of the place, the genuine nature of the people and the weather. Okay, just Allison loves the weather. She can’t help it, but she loves the humidity.

A little bit about the writers:
Allison is a sales & marketing assistant, as well as the back up for Traffic at a TV station in Columbus, Georgia. Terry is a 4th Grade teacher at an elementary school in Opelika, Alabama. Allison’s hobbies are cooking, reading, paper crafts, painting and video games. Terry’s hobbies are video games, video games and more video games.

The Pugs?
On Christmas Eve 2007, Terry and Allison adopted their first pet together, a fawn pug puppy named, whom they affectionately named Napoleon. He is ridiculously adorable and the perfect little dog. He enjoys long walks by the lake, snoring, and his favorite toy is a squeaky squirrel toy. His nicknames are Poley, Poley Bear, Roly Poley, Pooh Bear, Pooh Dog, Baby Bear, Baby boy, and butt-face monkey-butt. The last name is used after he’s done something wrong.

In January of 2008, Terry and Allison adopted their second pet, another pug puppy named Rukia. She is all black, though, except for a cute little white spot on her chest. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s perfect. She’s adorable, I’ll give her that, but she can be a little hellion and tends to rile Napoleon all up. She is tiny but packed full of piss and vinegar. But she’s also our little princess and tends to melt everyone’s hearts. Her nicknames are Ruki, Baby girl, Ruki Pookie, Piglet, Porky, Butterball, Sir-Pudge-A-Lot, Skink-face and butt-face monkey-butt. This nickname is also used when she’s done something wrong.

Currently they’re thinking about buying a house, you know, maybe this summer since the real estate market is so crappy, they could probably buy a house at a great price.  Life is pretty much as usual. They play video games. They enjoy watching the TV shows, CSI, Heroes, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, America’s Next Top Model, Diners Drive-Ins’ & Dives, House, Ace of Cakes, Attack of the Show, X-Play, Ninja Warrior, Color Splash, House Hunters, Law & Order, The Venture Bros. and Iron Chef America.

They love their Xbox 360. Feel free to send them a friend request. Here are their gamertags:

Van Redd:
Van Redd's gamercard



21 Responses to “Biography”

  1. Ali! Glad to see that you are so happy and well!

  2. 🙂

  3. Napoleon and Rukia look like way cool dogs! My pug neighbor moved to Alaska (!) last June. I miss him. He was fun to bark at!

  4. I love that picture of y’all.

  5. Thank-you!

    It was taken while we waited in line at the Teacup Ride at Disneyland.

  6. I love that picture too! I’m so glad you found me. I really love reading your blog too. If you don’t mind, I’ma add you to my blogroll list.

  7. What’s up guys? Miss seeing you around the forums. Hope all is well, and I’ll see you on live!

  8. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i couldn’t find your blog address to leave a comment so i thought i”d email you!


  9. Nice blog. Your children do not resemble you in the least. Were they adopted then?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  10. And what a cute couple you are!

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