Once More into the Breach

Hey everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating the site much. The temp job I have has these crazy hours and when I am home, I’m either asleep, vegging out on couch or doing more vegging out. I’ve also been on a lot of job interviews, had some dissapointments. There was this one really great job that I wanted…never heard back. Its hard. It bruises the ego, its disappointing and it makes you feel like a failure. Doesn’t help that I have to get up every day and go a job where I’m treated basically like a drone and I have no freedom. When you have to raise your hand to go pee, you know you’ve got a bad job. When your mistakes are pointed out in front of everyone in a staff meeting, you know you’ve got a bad job. When you are written up for taking a day off, you know you’ve got a bad job. But it pays the bills and right now that is the most important thing.

Life goes on. We’re finally getting married. I’m so excited about that. It feels like we’ve been engaged forever, but its finally happening. We both agree that spending $10k on a few hours is absolutly ridiculous. That even spending $5k is ridiculous. We have a house and bills and lives and that money could go towards such better things…heck, I’d rather spend the money on the honeymoon! So, we’re just doing the courthouse thing. And then we’re going to have some photographs taken in front of some beautiful waterfalls. We’re still dressing up and everything. I think it’s going to be beautiful and meaningful. I’ll post tons of pics, trust me! I’ll be taking a bunch then we'[ll have the professional ones from the waterfall. We’re going to save up for a honeymoon to be taken later as we cannot afford one right now.

Everything with us is great. The pugs are great although they need their flea medicine and I haven’t been able to afford it being out of work and all. Terry got tenure at work (he’s a teacher) and thats a huge deal. I’m SO PROUD of him! He’s an amazing teacher and the school district is so lucky to have him. My mom is doing great, she is moving out here…hopefully coming soon. She has been procrasting! (It must be a genetic trait) because I have it in spades. My Dad is doing good, he just got back from a vacation to Maine.

And here are some random photos that I’ve taken over the past month or two. Enjoy!

Terry & I bowling:

Terry is VERY serious about winning. And he always wins.

Terry at 4H Camp canoeing. I have NO idea what that expression is on his face. This was either before or after he dropped my camera (which he borrowed) into the lake. YES, dear readers, he dropped my camera into the lake. Somehow it survived although the flash no longer works. I am trying to get a new camera out of the deal though. It is two years old and now the flash is broken.

Delicious hot wings I made using Alton Brown’s recipe.

The pugs begging to come back in. And I need to wash that window!

Me with my new haircolor. I like it but I think I’m going to dye it back brunette for the wedding. I want my traditional hair color for those pictures, you know?

Terry climbing a rock wall at 4H camp. I thought this was a really cool photo. Love the angle!

Everyone have a wonderful May and remember me on the 25th because it’s my BIRTHDAY! 😉


~ by Nevis on May 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “Once More into the Breach”

  1. I’m so happy to finally hear from you on your blog, sure does sound like a crappy job but as you say it is a job, and thank goodness you have one.. Love all the pictures and I have to say the wedding is still going to be wonderful, and the important thing is you both love one another and that is all that matters in the end. And I LOVE you both..

  2. I will say this: That is one dope Optimus Prime shirt.

  3. Love Dad

  4. Allie,
    Your job sounds like something out of the 1950’s not 2010. I imagine job turnover is huge. . .
    Remember, PATIENCE is the most important job strategy right now. . just keeping saying to yourself,
    “it pays the bills. . it pays the bills. . it pays the bills”. Someday a smart employer will realize
    your talents and take you out of the 1950’s and bring you back to where you belong.
    That is great about Terry getting “tenure”, atleast the school adminstration realize his teaching talent.
    Great New! You are finally getting married. I’ll being sending you something to help with your Honeymoon.
    I’m happy for you both and eventhough I will not be present, I can assure you I will be there in spirit.
    I Love You!

  5. Temp jobs are hard but sometimes one can lead to a full-time position. I worked for several companies and the only way that you could get into them was by starting out as a temp for them. Maybe if there is specific place you want to work for – see if they use a specific agency.

    I just eloped so congrats on your upcoming wedding. Besides saving money – just think of all the stress you will save yourself. We hired a photographer for an hour and it was more than enough time. We also had Magda in our photos so remember to bring yours. You might be able to find a photography student in your area that would take the photos on the cheap. They need stuff for their portfolios so check Craig’s List. Oh and get a dress even for a courthouse wedding. I lucked out and found mine from a local designer which was inexpensive (for wedding dresses). After I had ordered mine – I realized that there are so many dresses at department stores that could double as wedding dresses. A little color isn’t a bad thing. Both my parents and my sister had courthouse weddings and wore suits. Blah! Keep it different that a job interview.

    AND I did the exact thing to my hair. I had all the color stripped out to blonde but then decided I didn’t like it. I wanted my hair more *natural* i.e the color I had as a child – so ended up practically going back to where it was before. My hairdresser says I am lucky that my hair didn’t break or fall out of the last year as I had a process like every 6 weeks.

    Miss your puggy pictures. Post more! I admit that I spend more time posting on my personal blog than on Magda’s blog these days.

  6. I like your point about the money. It reminds me of an old “Bloom County” strip where Opus is looking at rings and explains to the salesman that he has $5,000 that he wants to spend on a honeymoon trip, and the salesman encourages him to buy a big ring instead, saying, “Why spend that money on a life-enriching experience when you can blow it on a small chip of glass-like material?”

  7. Welcome back!
    And most importantly, congratulations on the upcoming wedding!! I admire and agree with your opinions on not spending lots of $$$ on weddings. The most important thing is the love and commitment between the two of you!
    And you’re doing a good job with hanging in there in your awful job! (seriously….hand up to go to the bathroom…that’s horrible of them). Keep plugging away, and this will pass.

  8. hi allison!
    what a wonderful update!
    i am so excited for you and terry.
    you are so smart to keep the ceremony smaller with beautiful photos and a fun honeymoon.
    it was fun to see all of your new photos.
    m & e

  9. Hey happy birthday!! And congrats on your upcoming wedding! Sorry to hear you have such a crappy job. I understand what you mean about job interview disappointments too – but I hope you find the perfect job soon. For now, enjoy your birthday!!

  10. Hey! We missed you 🙂

    That really sucks about the job but like you and everyone else has said right now, it is all about the money. I am sure you will find a new job quickly, just keep trying.
    Congrats to Terry, that is awesome! I know how hard it is to get tenure (a few of my friends are teachers).

    I am very excited to see the wedding pics next month 🙂

  11. Nevis, honey…..well, I missed yer b-day but hope it was happy!

    Sorry tuh hear about that sucky job. Keep yer chin up; nothin’ stays the same (it just FEELS like it sometimes!).

    Now I thought you an’ yer old man were already married?!?! Well, anyhoo….congratulations! ‘Bought time y’all legitimized them pugs! 🙂

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