Its an Etsy kind of day…

Hey everyone! Long time no blog? Sorry about my long absense but since my last post I’m now out of work and I’ve been consumed with the job hunt, applying to everything I possibly can and cleaning up around the house. Another thing that I’m doing is selling some artwork that I do on Etsy. I’ve been painting since I was 12 so that makes me…someone whos been painting for 20 years now. Man, that makes me feel old! Anyways, go check out my stuff. Buy something if you feel like it. Not only will you get some awesome origional art – but you’ll be helping out the needy. You know, me, and the puggies. All art is 100% pug approved.

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop:


~ by Nevis on January 22, 2010.

11 Responses to “Its an Etsy kind of day…”

  1. We just wanted to stop by and say HELLO:) It has been awhile since we have stopped by your blog. We are trying to catch up with all of our friends. Give the pugs a hug for us!!

    Pugs & Kisses
    Pugsley & Lola

  2. I know you will be very lucky to find a wonderful job and will sell like crazy on Etsy Good Luck..!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the job — hope you find something soon!

  4. I am so sorry to hear you are out of a job. How’s the job hunt going? I hope well!

  5. Wow, that just sucks! But we know you will find something better. We will stop by your Etsy shop often.

  6. Hey Guys! Sorry to hear about your job…good luck in your search. My mommie and I have recently been introduced to ETSY and we love it for mommie and puggie stuff for me too! We can’t wait to check out your art work!

  7. Love the colors – my favorites! I like anything “oceany” looking.

    Best of luck with the job search – and the house cleaning! 😀

  8. Love the paintings!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. Haha i wish, i want a new puppy now but two pugs and two cats = not that much space especially since we are still renting. :p
    And Charlotte is a total snuggle pug, i picked her up and she curled right into me 🙂

  10. congratulations on your new etsy shop allison!
    your work is wonderful!

  11. Penny and I love your art! We are in the same
    boat with the job hunting. We have been searching
    for a long while, so I know how frustrating it
    can be. Hope you are having a great Monday!

    -Dana & Penny

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