Happy New Year!

A new year, a new decade…and more photos of my pugs. This year is just getting off to a fabulous start, isn’t it? For us Christmas and New Years were very low-key and relaxing…no stress at all actually. We watched tv (old Christmas favorites like “Its a Wonderful Life” and David Tennant’s “End of Time” as The Doctor). I read an amazing series of books by Jim Butcher called “The Dresden Files”, curled up on the couch next to Terry while he played “Dragon Age” on the Xbox. It was really a wonderful holiday.

Here are a few cute photos that we took. Now that we’re potty training the dogs to go potty outside…our little Ruki seems to find the cold weather unappealing. Napoleon doesn’t really seem to mind that much (probally because he’s a fawn and he’s got the whole double-coat thing going on), but for that reason, I bought my little Baby Girl the cutest little down vest! I love the look of it. Check her out…she’s totally stylin’.

And here’s the side view. Yes, it has velcro along the chest that is supposed to close but its just a wee bit too small and the jacket keeps coming undone. If I were to go up to the “Medium” size it would be too big for her. This one fits her perfectly…except through her belly. I think I”m going to go to Hobby Lobby and try and maybe sew some elastic and a toggle button on it to keep it in place, and yet still be easy to slip on and off her.

And then, finally, if anyone has any doubt if my little angel is a diva…well, you can see what she uses as a cushion to sit upon frequently. Yes, that is Popo giving his pathetic face.


~ by Nevis on January 4, 2010.

17 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Oh so cute in her new winter duds, I sure hope it helps her to stand the cold a wee bit better..

  2. BTW I hope the New Year brings you everything you want…

  3. Rukia looks so sweet in her little vest! And Po Po is such a good sport!
    Happy New Year to you!!!!

  4. Oh what a stlyin’ vest! She really looks adorable in it! And yeah, she’s got the diva pose down pat! Poor Popo!

  5. So cute!! Happy New Year!

  6. Hi, Ruki! What a gorgeous down vest! Yes, we pug girls with our large busts and tiny waists have such a hard time finding the right fit. Such a burden we bare. Oh, well….who’s cuter than US?!?!?

    Licks –


  7. She looks so cute in her vest. Laughing at her sitting on top of Popo – currently Yoda is laying on top of Brutus


  8. what a cute little vest! ruki is so cute. our doggies are the opposite, the fawn, ollie hasavery thin single coat and is practically bald on his tummy. charlie the black girly has a super thick double coat. she has so much fur around her neck, i just love to sink my fingers in it.
    happy new year to you!

  9. happy new year allison!
    oh my gosh! ruki’s new vest is perfect! i just love it!

  10. Happy New Year! We have that problem with indy too.. too wide across the chest but too small length wise. lol I find in somethings it is easier to go up the size and take it in a little. (a few stitches here and there).

    Sounds like you had a great time off!

  11. Hi! We always have problems with sweaters and jackets for the fatties. Have a looksie at Fido Fleece. They make some sizes in BC (Broad Chest).

    We got Stella from a breeder that breeds brindle pugs. Although the ACK and whatnot says there’s no such thing. We weren’t specifically looking for a brindle pug, we kinda happened upon her. And really glad we did!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty’s mom.

  12. that vest is the BOMB! We have similar “fit issues” around here – try a little strip of velcro tape to ….extend the closure. And keep looking so darned cute!

  13. Awww. . . Her coat is so darn cute.

  14. The pink puffer jacket has put me over the edge! Adorable!

  15. Ohhh Rukiiiii she’s so cute in that puffer vest!!!!

    Happy New Year to you guys!!!

  16. Such a cute vest. Yes we have to sew elastic on all the necklines of Magda’s coats as they don’t fit. So how is the training going? Magda can ring a bell to go outside or go down in the basement on a pee pad. She only gets the treat if she goes outside so pretty much does that when we are home.

  17. Such the fashionista is your Rukia.

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