Revenge of the Popo

Well, never let it be said that Napoleon sleeps all day quietly while we’re away at work. If I ever wonder what he does…I just have to remember this story. (Although I first I wanted to congratulate myself on posting two days in a freakin row! Hooray for me!) Anyways, back to the story.

When we moved into the new house in March, we brought the Christmas tree in that is in a long cardboard box, and put it in the garage. The pugs stay in there during the day and it seemed safe enough…they didn’t didn’t seem to bother it or any of our many rubbermaid boxes full of various holiday decorations.

Famous last…err…thoughts. Terry brought the tree into the living room on Friday night so we could put it up and subsequently decorate it. As he was setting it up he kept noticing all these frayed things (he kept asking me what all the frayed strings and cords were?) but I was watching tv and not paying that much attention. Then the tried to plug one part of the tree into the other (its a pre-lit tree…they come in three parts and you plug them in together to make it light up) and….lets just say all of the plugs at the end were completely mangled and you could see bite marks. What the?

Then we started further investigating all the “frayed strings and cords” were actually the lights that he’d completely chewed up.  There were MISSING lights that you could tell were obviously chewed on. We looked at the box (which was taped shut) and found three chew-holes along the sides and bottom. Aparently Napoleon got bored one day, and had himself a fun little time chewing it up. End result? None of the lights on the pre-lit tree work. And they’re beyond repair. I mean, the light cords are completely shredded.

So, we had to purchase three sets of lights to put on top of the tree, ontop of all the lights that you can’t take off. So our tree has tons of lights on it…although only half of them light up. Oh Popo! You crazy mutt!  I guess he was getting back at us for leaving them alone all day. Here are a few pictures:

Here you can see one of the lights that is missing the bulb entirely (1). Yup. Gone. Hopefully he didn’t swollow it. Its probally under the couch. And the second arrow (2) is pointing to one of the lights that doesn’t light up.

Here’s a shot of the entire tree. Pretty! Although its sad because there are NO PRESENTS under it yet. Ugh. 16 days until christmas and I haven’t even started shopping yet!

Here’s my my 2nd favorite ornament. The paratrooping Santa. His codename is “mexican weddingcake”. Don’t judge him. Its been in the family since I was a little kid. Mom? Do you remember where you got that? I have no idea actually.

This is my all-time favorite ornament. Santa and his illicit renondevous with Ruldoph. They’re caught in the act…of ice dancing. How irreverent and awesome is that? Again, this has been on our family as long as I can remember. Mom, where’d you pick up this gem?

As a postscript, I’d like to add that that no pugs were harmed in the making of this post. I’m pretty sure whatever damage Napoleon did to our poor tree, was probally when we first moved in 9 month ago and he was adjusting to the new space…and he doesn’t seem any worse for wear. The only victim here was Tannenbaum, my faithful Christmas tree, who is a shell of its former self; this is probally his last year with us. After Christmas we plan to put him out to pasture (i.e. the dumpster) to hit up the sales and pick up a new one.


~ by Nevis on December 9, 2009.

14 Responses to “Revenge of the Popo”

  1. Why does Popo get the blame?? Maybe it was a mouse. Or a squirrel. Or maybe, just maybe, it was Rukia!

  2. Rukia is my sweet little angel. She would never do anything that deviant. 😉

  3. Well at least the tree doesn’t look too bad from a distance, and you could always put the damaged part to the back, if it is confined to one side..??
    It still looks beautiful..And I have no clue as to where I may picked up that ornament, it doesn’t look like a Canterbury Gardens kind of ornament does it..

  4. I’m not sure why, but I want to say you bought both of those ornaments from something like…Avon. I suppose its always possible.

  5. It might be I was always looking for ornaments

  6. Hahahaha on Nevis… i think you are in denial. Rukia is an angel? She is the queen of defiant! haha

    Can you maybe cut the old broken lights off the tree that way it is still usable? Or is it just time for a new one?

    So far *knock on wood* Gus has destroyed one snowman wine box and gnawed on a wooden santa. One of them has destroyed a branch on the bottom of the tree, Shane finally fixed it this year. And oh yea… there have been some potty accidents on the tree skirt. lol
    Silly pugs!

  7. He had frayed the cords and chewed through all of them up and down the tree that it would’ve been a fire hazard to even conteplate plugging the origional lights in. And because its a “pre-lit” one, there is no way to extricate the lights off the tree. So we had to litterally trim off all the frayed parts with sissors and put three sets of new lights ontop of the old (non-working) ones.

    And actulaly the reason why I don’t think it was Rukia is that she’s not a chewer. Sure, she loves eating as much as the next pug, but the box and lights are not edible nor do they smell edible. And Napoleon is the one who we’ve caught numerous times chewing on baseboards, chair legs, tables, walls, boxes, tupperware, dryer sheets, etc – pretty much everything goes in his mouth.

  8. LOL! Oh PoPo. My pugs destroyed a self portrait I did, so at least it wasn’t directed at you!!!!

  9. Your tree still looks very pretty!

    Pugs & Kisses

  10. hi allison! your tree looks so pretty! popo was just trying to help add his touch to the decorating this year. 🙂
    m & e

  11. LOL! That made me laugh! Oh Popo, I know you have probably seen on my bloggie the damage I like to do (repeatedly) to our tree skirt. If you get bored, try that!!!!!

  12. Hmmm, are you sure the Grinch isn’t responsible? He’s sitting right there and is a known Christmas-hater!

  13. That makes sense.. Indy isn’t a chewer much either unless its the keys or food.. Popo sounds the same as Gus.. if it’s there, it can be chewed.
    That sucks about the tree not being salvageable. 😦

  14. Wow, and I thought I was bad. I crown you King of bad behavior.


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