17 Days Until Christmas!

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday! And yes, only 17 days until Christmas. I keep saying this to remind myself that I’ve gotta get cracking shopping. How terrible am I…? I haven’t even STARTED! And I’m pretty sure buying yourself a jacket doesn’t count. Yup, pretty sure.

Over the weekend we decorated and there is a funny story there, but I feel like I should accompany it with photos of the tree. Which I don’t have. So now that I’ve teased you, I’ll just say that I’ll tell you about it later. 

We also trimmed the pugs nails, which I actually do have a photo of. Here’s Popo. He’s actually the worse of the two when it comes to behaving during the process. Ruki gets rather zen about it, but Napoleon fights most of the time. But still, I managed to get a shot of him.

We use a combo of clipperse and the “pedipaws” thing from infomercials…although we picked it up at PetCo. Works great!

And yes, please ignore the fact that I forgot to take down the Halloween decoration on the door and it’s almost Christmas. Baahahahaha!!!!


~ by Nevis on December 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “17 Days Until Christmas!”

  1. You can do that????? Indy almots gives herself heart failure although I am sure if i worked at it with Gus i could. Except or the fact he freaks on the pedipaws thing which i too bought at petsmart lol.
    I am no where near done either 😦

  2. Good for you for accomplishing nail clipping on your own. We failed at getting Bennie to accept the pedipaws, and we have to have the vet clip them. He carries on and makes this loud caterwalling sound, and the vet’s assistant has labeled Bennie as “foot phobic”. I told him, “Darn it, now that’s going to be in your permanent record!!”

  3. I have to say, I’m all for Halloween decorations during Christmas! It is my dream to have “A Nightmare Before Christmas” decorations around the house–maybe one day.

  4. Jack Skellington would be so pleased — leave the pumpkins up!

  5. Mom uses the dremel to trim our nails – she pretty much has to pin us down though as we struggle and jerk our paws back all of the time.

    Pugs & Kiesses

  6. hi allison!

    oh too funny! hug the puggies for me! happy happy holidays!
    i love your fav item on etsy! it is so cool!

    thank you for sharing it!

    🙂 m

  7. Ugh. This reminds me that I need to clip my pug’s nails. She is a complete heathen about the process…much less civilized appearing than your Popo.

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