22 Days Until Christmas!

Hey everyone! I’ve missed you guys, too! I’d like to say I’ve been busy doing lots of exciting cool, hip, with-it stuff…but…no…not really. Unless the “cool” thing to do is to sit around and watch tv and play video games. If so, I’m SUPER cool. lol, right? Here’s some photos I think I actually took on Thanksgiving or possibly the day after Thanksgiving that perfectly illustrate how we lazed about the house.

Btw, these are all kinda crappy photos. They were all taken when I contorted myself to take photos of the pugs as they lay mostly asleep on my lap. Please pretend you don’t see my belly in those shots. Embarassing, really.  I love the expressions on their faces. They’re like…what the fudge, man? We’re sleeping here?! Rukia is like, “Homey, please. Baby girl don’t play.”

Another of Poley sleeping. Awww. Don’t you want to eat that little scrunched up face?

This one was a snapshot of Baby girl sleeping, but she kinda woke up when the flash went off, so it looks more like a snapshot of her waking up. Still cute, though.

I call this one “Ode to Popo Sleeping through the sound of Baby Girl Snoring like a Freight Train and putting up with his Mother Photographing him with a flash for about 20 Minutes”.

He has the patience of a zen master for letting photo him. And, I LOVE his lambchops. In case you need further examples of my obsession with his lambchops (i.e. flapjacks, jowls, cheekies, etc).

And, this one I call “An Ode to PoPo Waking Up”.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Btw, there are ONLY 22 Days until Christmas!


~ by Nevis on December 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “22 Days Until Christmas!”

  1. cute pictures. Love that last one!

  2. Good to see something from you again…

  3. hi allison!
    oh what great photos! i love the snow falling on your blog! just too cool!
    have a great weekend!
    m & e

  4. I love the snow too..

  5. Aw they are so cute and so sleepy looking! I kind of relate to them with the little amount of sleep I’ve had lately. I love the snow!

  6. Looks like you guys had a great laid-back
    Thanksgiving. Love the photos. Your post
    just reminded Penny and I how much
    we still have to get done before
    Christmas. Have a great

    -Dana & Penny

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