My pugs are lushes.

I know I promised more Halloween pics…and they’re coming…but I don’t have them on me today and so, well, screw it. Today you’re getting a mish-mash of whats been happening in our life. Let’s see…where to start.

Ah, yes. So as you know, Terry is a school teacher. He teaches 4th grade. And the entire 4th grade had a musical preformance a few weeks back…and I took photos. It was actually pretty cool and everyone was really proud of the kids.

Here’s a photo of the kids waving colored flags during one of the songs. It was rather pretty. And touching. The song was something about all the colors of people and it not mattering or something. I don’t really remember, I was taking photos and not paying attention.


A cool blurry shot of the kiddlets.


This photo was during some song about all the music of the world or something…hence all the kiddos holding flags of the world. At least, I think thats what it was?


The BEST part of the preformance is when the two male 4th grade teachers, Terry and Mr. Belcher got up and did an imroptu rap & Guitar solo. Well, Terry didn’t exactly do a guitar solo…as he was using a Rockband guitar. But he did a FANTASTIC job faking it. LOL. He totally hammed it up.


The teachers breaking it down. Downtown. To funky town.


Terry and his solo. You can see his adoring fans going wild behind him. He missed his calling.


And the big finale! Confetti! Terry on his back playing faux guitar! The kids going wild! It was a very fun night.


Let’s see…what else has been going on? Hmm. I’ve been very suzie-homemaker lately. We’re on a budget so I’ve been all…casserole-happy. See with a few inexpensive ingredients, you can make a whole 13x9x2 pan of a casserole that feeds you for 2-3 days since there are only two of us. Here’s a photo during the middle of the lasagna-making process. Btw, that was lasagna made with home-made marinara sauce. Yes. Freshly-made home made marinara. YUM. I also made extras of it and froze it for later.


Then yesterday I made my “Mexicali Casserole”. I made that name up so don’t go looking for the recipe somewhere. Technically this is totally bad for you – instead of using tortillas in the casserole, you utilize crushed up nacho doritos. YUM! Its got lots of cheese, doritos, meat, spicy sauce and served topped with olives, sour cream and avocado slices. It’s to-die-for.

mexicali casserole

Let’s see, what also has been going on? Oh, yeah, here’s a photo of what it looks like trying to give Babygirl her monthly heartworm & flea prevention pills. Popo takes he pills like candy. Babygirl (who normally eats ANYTHING)…refuses to take them even when covered in cheese. Fickle little puss. So we have to force them in and hold her mouh closed, then massage her throat until she swallows. Anyone else have this much trouble?


And in parting, here’s my favorite shot lately. Took this when we were cleaning up after the Halloween party. Look at what a little lush my Babygirl is. See how EXCITED she is to see the Rum bottle? Ha ha ha!



~ by Nevis on November 13, 2009.

10 Responses to “My pugs are lushes.”

  1. Harry has his moments with pills. I have tried marshmallows and it works – most of the time. Maybe she would do better with those?

    Great pics – and yummy looking casseroles!

  2. Haha that is awesome, go Terry!!

    We have been cleaning out the deep freeze, lots of meats hidden in there. 🙂 Your mexicali casserole sure looks and sounds yummy. 🙂

    Gus and Indy will eat anything, pills, it doesn’t matter. The only time i have to do that is with the worm pills for the cats. Misfit is a sneaky bugger he pretends to swallow so I let go and then he spits it out. :p

  3. LOL… so cute those pugs! And Terry looks HILARIOUS! He definitely looks like the “cool” teacher everyone loved having.

    Can you send me the sauce recipe? Brian tried to make marinara last night and it was ummm not so successful. Yours looks great!

  4. Do you use the meaty-flavored heartworm prevention? That’s what we use, and they gobble them down like their treats!

  5. hi allison!
    oh what a great recap! i am just getting caught up on posts and this was perfect!


  6. how cool! congrats Terry for being such a fun teacher!
    Coco LOVES taking his pill everyday. I put it on my finger on top of doggy vitamine and at the word of “Coco do you want your vitamine?” he comes flying to devour it!

  7. The Mexican casserole looks delicious.
    I put Penny’s pills in fat free Cool Whip,
    pieces of banana and pieces of chicken.
    Luckily she swallows them when they
    are hidden in food. Otherwise, I
    would be in trouble. Have a
    great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  8. You crack me up all the time! How about you come help me pack??? 🙂

  9. Surprisingly, Freya has done well the two events that led to her taking any pills. I didn’t have to fight her. My foster dog was so frustrated by my awkward medicine delivery that he would ultimately take it from my hand and swallow it–I loved that dog, I’m glad he found a good home.

    Freya is a lush too! She’ll go for any bottle that we set on the floor and lick it like crazy. We need to start an AA meeting for the pups!

  10. We miss you guys!!!!!!

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