Halloween Party Photos! (1 of 2)

Well as you guys know, we here at the manicdote household had a fabulous Halloween Party on the 31st. And I’ve actually got two posts worth of photos (there were a lot) so I’m breaking it up into two groups. Today’s post are the photos of the house decorations. Ready? Let’s go!

Here’s a photo of the front door as people arrived….! Terry will take all the props for this, he did all of the outdoor decorations. Actually he did all the indoor decorations too, because I was cleaning and cooking. I love the pumpkin lights and the black flower wreath!


And here is our landing strip (thats what the table in your entryway is called, in case you didn’t know!). It was decked out for Halloween with a spooky candleabra and a cute hand-painted Halloween decoration that my Mom did years ago.


As you walk into the living room, below is how we had it decorated. Terry hung crepe paper around the tre ceiling…that was totally his idea. I thought he was going to do it with just the normal scallops, but he hung it inidivdually like that. A guest said that they thought it looked like spider legs hanging from ceiling…which was kinda cool actually.


Our bowl on the sofa table…filled with mini pumpkins and a spooky skull! Alas, poor Yorick.


The fireplace. We had cobwebs allover!  


And a close up of one of the dangling skelletons from the mantle. Ooo! Spooky!


In the kitchen, we had a skelleton on the backdoor window…here’s a cute photo of the puggies pouting when we put them outside during the day while we vaccumed and cleaned. Popo’s like,”Mama! Let us in! Who needs pigs in a blanket when you can have Pugs in a Blanket!?”


It was totally crazy on Halloween night. People showed up early (before everything was out and I was still in my jammies!) and so I didn’t get a photo of the food on the table the night of the party before everyone arrived. So, sadly, here’s a photo of the food the next morning. Yes, I’m a total lazybones and didn’t clean it up at 1am when everyone left. It was quite a spread! The biggest hit was probally the bacon-wrapped jalepeno poppers. I made 100 of them and they were all gone (that was the big empty platter in middle).


We replaced the lights over the bar with blacklights…which were very cool! Terry put cobwebs all around them, too. Creepy!


We’re back outside and its morning, thats why it’s light in the photos. But it was creepy at night, too! Here’s a photo of our little “cemetary” in the front yard.


More of our cemetary…in this shot you can see the grim reaper and in the window behind it  you can see a sihouette of a skelleton…the night of the party we lit up that room so it showed and looked like a skelleton rising out of our graveyard. Very cool! We didn’t have a big budget so we tried to do little things that made a big impact.


And lastly, here’s a little shot of the “ghosts” we had in the tree in our front yard. Boo!


More pics tomorrow!


~ by Nevis on November 11, 2009.

14 Responses to “Halloween Party Photos! (1 of 2)”

  1. It must have been so fun to do this I bet it was a hit with all the lucky people who came, I wish I could have experienced it in person but the pictures are the next best thing, Thanks for Sharing with us.

  2. So cool! I especially love the fireplace. Very creepy and cool! Looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  3. How fun! I am drooling over the bacon-wrapped jalapenos! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  4. Great decorating! Looks like you had a wonderful party!

  5. Very cool, can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  6. very cool decorationa! and i must say, your normal decor is just perfect! you have a beautiful home.

  7. Wow! Your house looks great. It makes me want to have a party!

  8. The decorations look great!
    I love the lights and cobwebs
    on the fireplace. Very festive!

    -Dana & Penny

  9. Love the decorations! I love Halloween!

  10. You guys went all-out! And bacon-wrapped jalapenos RULE.

  11. Very cool pics! Poor Poley!

    Your house has really come together nicely in the short time that you’ve lived there! Nice job!


  12. I think it looks great!!
    I didn’t even bother with cobwebs because it sticks me to worse then it sticks to the house :p lol
    I hear you about cleaning up the food… I do the same thing!

  13. Your party looks awesome! We didn’t do any kind of decorations in our house.

  14. awesome decorations! What a fun party!

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