Hello Little Girl

Hey everybody! Not sure if you guys follow my twitter of facebook account, but if you do, you would know that about two weeks ago I found a lump on Ruki. It was on her privates area, around where she had a scar from her spaying surgery. This is what it looked like:


And here’s a different view, a more relaxed way that she is posed.


I was, in a word,  freaked out. Okay, that’s two words. So I scoured the internet and of course, all kinds of horrible scary various things were swirling in my mind. I talked to my pug-bloggie friends on twitter. The lump was squishy and didn’t seem to hurt her when I pushed on it. Her behavior and eating habits and playing – nothing was different. She wasn’t acting strange at all.

We played “internet doc” (the game where you read about stuff on internet and pretend you have any idea what you’re doing, and you self-diagnose yourself). Anyways, we were pretty sure it had something to do with when she was spayed, something to do with the stitches…I had a day off coming up and so we waited a few days to see if it would go away (and it didn’t), so on my day off (last friday), I took her to the vet.

Here are a few shots of her in the car on the way to the vet. Just chillin’. Isn’t she adorable? She’s always very calm in the car.  

vet2….. vet1

Our vet took one look at her and was like…”Yup. When she was spayed her stitches were supposed to disolve internally and they didn’t.” So they had to have immediate surgery on her that day to take those stitches out and use something else. Yikes! Poor baby girl!


I was pretty anxious after I dropped her off.

In fact…this was her reaction to the news. She’s not a happy camper.

I was waiting for the vet to call me back and let me know the surgery had been successful…etc…but I had a few more errands to run so I took Popo with me to keep me company and to keep my mind of baby girl’s surgery.

Here are a few cute shots of our afternoon of driving around town. Btw, I’ll never do that with him again. He ws constantly trying to jump in my lap and he wouldn’t sit down. Never again. Ruki will sit there and go to sleep, he was WAY to active. Sorry buddy, but you’ll have to go in the carrier. Worse still, he got hair everywhere! My car now looks like it rained pug fur. Not a pretty sight.


In the afternoon, I heard back from the vet. It was the stitches, they just hadn’t disolved as they were supposed to; they corrected the problem and we only had to pay for the anasteasia. Which I was very glad for. Vet bills are always so expensive!

And I sill had to pay for their new flea pills. These pills called “comfortis“. Does anyone use this? Well, we’re trying it. The puggies don’t actually have fleas…but since we’re letting them roam around the backyard we thought we should have them on the medication just in case.  You know?

Well, we couldn’t pick baby girl up until the next morning because they wanted to keep her overnight…so the last photo is of Rukia the next morning after we picked her up. She was so excited to see us she was shaking. Poor baby!! Now she’s on antibiotics and prednisone and doing great. She’s as silly and goofy and sassy as usual.



~ by Nevis on September 23, 2009.

14 Responses to “Hello Little Girl”

  1. The poor thing! Glad it turned out alright!

    I so hear you on the hair… with that fawn hair, it is now in your seats for life.. no matter how much you vaccuum lol.

  2. What a scary ordeal! As you might have seen on our blog, Pearly had emergency surgery a few weeks ago too. I will be paying on it forEVER, and it was so scary! I am so glad Rukia is on the mend now!!

  3. hi allison!

    oh i am so glad she is feeling all better and that you saw the lump!

    hugs to all of you!

    m & e

  4. Sweet baby!! Glad the lump was nothing more serious. I can sympathize with the whole vet bill thing. When Lilo had surgery, it wasn’t just emergency surgery, it was emergency, after hours surgery. That was a joy to deal with. Glad she is on the mend.

    As for the dog hair, fawn hair is there for life!!! Ryan had his car interior detailed and they still couldn’t et all teh hair out =)

  5. awww, so glad she’s okay! lumps on the pugs ALWAYS freak me out! BTW, Winston had to take prednisone once and even though they weaned him off he threw up a LOT coming off them…just in case you have any problems with Rukia.

  6. Oh, I’m glad it was nothing serious and that she’s okay.

  7. So glad she’s ok!

  8. Welcome back little girl — glad it was nothing serious!

  9. So glad that Rukia is OK and it turned out to be something so “simple”.

    Harry has completely pugged my car, I’ve given up the fight!

    On the flea meds… I’ve not heard of that one but I do wish I could give Harry oral meds rather than topical (he’s on Advantix and it’s wonderful). One thing…. what a bout tics? We have such a large number of them here in Alabama. When I switched Harry from Frontline (because it sucked) to Advantage, our vet started out with just the flea version – then I found a huge tick on Harry and freaked out! I hate them!!! Just a thought…

  10. SUCH cute pics!!! You have the most photogenic puggies!!!!

    We’re glad baby girl is ok! Give her extra kisses from us (and a few for PoPo too!)


  11. I am so glad that she is okay. I found a bump on the back of my cat Chino – really small. We took him into the vet and they did surgery that day. It turned out to be cancer. So you can never be too careful even though the vet bills are huge. The pictures are adorable. Magda wishes Rukia the best in getting well.

  12. Glad to hear she is OK! Bitsey rides better in the car than Eli. He seems to think that he can drive and he wants to stand on my lap with paws on the steering wheel. And he wonders why I don’t take him anywhere???

  13. What a cute, cute puppy! Glad she is on the mend. I tried the comfortis on my dogs. I have two bostons. I gobbled it down with no trouble; the other totally turned up his nose. But the one who would take it got hold of a dead possum in our yard that was covered in fleas and those fleas had no problem covering the dog. They may have died after they bit him but we didn’t wait that long. We are using Revolution for heartworm and flea protection now!

  14. I am so glad Ruki is doing good now! She is such a cutie, I love the pink harness on her.

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