Playing CSI with old photos…

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been like a week since I’ve posted. I’ve been lazy I suppose. Well, here are some adorable photos I’ve taken recently of the puggies. Thought everyone would enjoy! For the weekend, we don’t have much planned. Going to take the car in for an oil change. Playing some World of Warcraft. Watching some TV. Nothing big. We are considering joinin a gym, so we’re going to check out a local place. That’s about it. Anyone else have exciting plans?

Here are Baby Girl and Popo having a good time relaxing on the lawn. The looooooooove the backyard. Poley in particular.


I don’t remember when I took this series of photos that you’re about to look at. Seriously. I think last week when I was cooking? Or maybe last weekend? I have no idea what was going on in my mind, Terry’s or the Pugs. But let me see if I can decipher something from body language. I shall play…photo CSI.  Hrmph. Baby girl looks pleased with herself and Poley looks kinda sad or grossed out or something. I’m guessing Baby girl farted.


Here’s Terry getting an unfortunate wiff of it. Poley is already aware of said fart and pushing his head away, away from Baby Girls noxious odors. Look at his face. He’s thinking “Put down the camera and help me, Mama!”


Here, Terry has obviously gotten a bad wiff of the fart. Therefore, he has subsequently put them both in a sleeper hold (wrestling move), trying to get them to give themselves up and admit they farted. Popo is a total wuss, but Baby girl is a tough old broad.


And finally in defeat, Terry is about to DDT or suplex or some other wrestling move on them for the attrocity of daring to fart in his general direction. Baby girl looks particularly pleased. See the nose guard? It’s so she doesn’t get a wiff of her own stench.


And this photo is after they’ve been released from their punishment. They come attack me with love. One parent is always the punisher, the other is the love-giver, right?


That’s fair, right?


~ by Nevis on September 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Playing CSI with old photos…”

  1. YES, one parent is the punisher and one is the pushover. I am the pushover in my house. It’s so hard to punish those cute, squishy faces!!

  2. Great Photos, I have so much fun when I come to your site, Thanks

  3. Sure, it’s just like good-cop bad-cop.

  4. hi allison!

    great photos! you have a wonderful family!

    m & e

  5. We went to visit the new Opelika Sportsplex today. It is so nice so, we came away with the year membership. I hope that I make use of it. I know the hubby will!

  6. I LOVE the pictures of your babies! They are so smucking cute!

  7. Awwww, look at those faces!!!!!

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