Wordless Wedensday

Artsy Fartsy Pugs


~ by Nevis on September 2, 2009.

10 Responses to “Wordless Wedensday”

  1. Yippee another cute picture of your loved ones..!!

  2. oh what a great picture!
    happy wednesday!

  3. So cute!!

    Poor Indy.. she hasn’t had nervous diahrea since she was a baby lol

  4. Are the pugs worshiping you?

  5. what a face!

  6. As always adorable. Plus you spell this day of the week just like I do! I always try to weasel my way out of it and just say ‘Wed’. 🙂 I am finally updating the site. Check out a new video!

  7. Poley looks like he is just soooo happy! The wee miss also seems pleased:)

  8. almost makes me miss patches…i said almost 🙂

  9. Your dogs are so adorable. My great aunt and uncle always had a pug and I think they are so cute. I am saddled with 3 hyper-active chihuahuas right now, but who knows maybe next time I will get a pug!

  10. That’s a cute picture. Poley looks like his is flying like superman – with his ears back it’s like the wind is whipping in his face!

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