Omg, I’m so boring

rukicooksWell, I don’t really have anything life-shatteringly exciting to say today, and an even worse sin, I have no new photos for you. Okay, I’ll take pity on your eyes and post my favorite photo of Ruki. But I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. For the most part I’m completely happy. I really am, and I don’t want this post to sound like I’m complaining at all. I love Terry, my parents, the pugs, myself (btw, I feel obligated to put this in the list, despite any groaning I may do over what I see when I step on a scale, or, say, look in any mirror), my house, my purse collection, World of Warcraft (it’s an obsession, I tell you).

But I’m a creative person. Creative, I tell you. I am, although lack of this evidence – I have in spades. I used to want to be a writer. I still do, although I never do any writing outside of this blog. And I’ve painted since I was 12 years old (which is is like…twenty years now) although I haven’t really done much painting in the past few years. Actually the first things I’ve painted in ages were the paintings on our wall in the living room.

Actually scrapbooking really helps fulfill a lot of those needs. I missed painting, I missed having that creative outlet, but painting takes up a lot of space and is messy. This is kind of why I prefer scrapbooking now. But, I’ getting off-topic. How I’m lacking creativity in my life. I mean…frankly my job is really boring. Total snoozefest. I see peoples eyes glaze over just when I describe what I do. To put it as simple as possible – I basically put numbers in one computer system. Yup, thats it. Actually two compuers (see photo of desk here). But I need more! More, I tell you!

I need something…something that will make my soul happy, I guess, if that doesn’t sound TOO corny. That’s kind of where cooking comes it. I really do like cooking. I really do. It’s something that I have to do everyday (athough sometimes…(okay more frequently that “sometimes“) I’m too tired to do it when I get home and we indulge in take-out *cough* McDonalds or Chinese food). But, I like to think I’m pretty good at it…when I do it!

My Mom is a fantastic cook and taught me very well. So have countless episodes of America’s Test Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, Jacques Pepin, etc. And I really love doing it. Walking in to a clean kitchen and getting ingredients out and whipping up something delicious is…really fun. I love it. Cleaning later, is totally NOT fun. But, well, maybe I can teach Napoleon & Rukia to do the dishes? I mean, if a pug can push a stroller, it’s not that far of a stretch, right?

Okay, so the funny thing is that I have TONS of cookbooks, magazines, those awesome cookbooks that schools and churches sell as a fundraiser, Pampered chef cook-book like pamplet things, pots, pans, and equipment, oh expensive equipment…and I end up making the same…say…10 easy-peasy things over and over again. I know, sad, right? Well, no more, I say. I have had a cross between an epiphany, a line in the sand and a brainfart. But I’m making a vow.

I’m going to cook one new recipe every week. Who knows, maybe more, but I’m only committing to one a week right now. It may be a dessert, it may be dinner, it may be something as exotic as tagine, but it will be something. Damnit.

I have been completely inspired by reading the amusing, delightfully enjoyable blogs of Laura and Deb. Their blogs are great! I highly recommend anyone to check them out if you have any sense of humor (and of course, you like cooking)! Also, keep checking back…I’ll be documenting my new vow here! And also the results of teaching the pugs to wash dishes. I still have high hopes for this.

Bon Appetit!


~ by Nevis on August 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Omg, I’m so boring”

  1. I can totally relate with you on this! I sometimes feel like I am in a ‘creative crisis’… like I just NEED to do something creative, but time and money (and EXCUSES) stop me in my tracks.

    I went through my cookbooks and magazines a while back and put tabs on all the recipes I wanted to try. It has made picking one out a lot easier as I just flip through the tabs! Can’t wait to see what you try!!

    P.S. the paintings you did in the living room are awesome!

  2. You’re not boring! Let’s call it “downtime”…which EVERYONE knows is very important for one’s well being! 😉

    Thanks for the blog props…you’re so sweet…and I feel like I’ve let you down because I haven’t been keeping up with it because we got the freezer down to a managable level! Maybe I’ll rename it “What’s for dinner?” Hmmmm…..

    GOOD LUCK with your endeavor…we can’t wait to follow along!

  3. That is cool! I know what you mean totally. I have all these pics and supplies but I have done barely any scrapbooking. Its sad. The cooking thing.. yuck, with the heat we had I didn’t even look at the fridge. But the other day with the cool weather I went to town. Dinner, desert and an appie. 🙂
    You need you time.

  4. Wow. It’s like I could have written this post myself. I also feel like I need to do something that makes my soul happy. I also have a really boring job that I can’t talk to anyone I know about it without their eyes glazing over (network engineer). I’m new to cooking but I must say I’m starting to enjoy it. 🙂 And that picture of your pug couldn’t be cuter!!

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  6. You might want to pick up a book called “The Artist’s Way”. I read it and loved it– definitely tried to follow her guidance as much as possible, and then decided to do a workshop created by the same author. By the end of it, I was writing a few poems a day.. I wish I stuck with it!

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