Backyard Bliss

One of the beautiful things about having a backyard, was putting a fence around the perimeter and blocking our nieghbors from seeing in. Not that we want to do anything crazy back there…but there is definitely something that can be said for privacy.

AND something that can definitely be said about being able to toss the pugs out there and let them work all their energy out. Because as much as pugs love to sleep and eat, for about 20 minutes a day they have insane-balls-to-the-wall-energy. And once that energy is released, they will basically drink about a gallon of water and pass out. As pug owners we live for the moment when they pass out, so, hence, having this wonderful backyard is so awesome.

Here are two photos from yesterday of the pugs in the backyard. So cute! Here is Terry and the pugs playing fetch. Well, fetch usually devolves into Rukia chasing Napoleon and Napoleon chasing Rukia and they forget all about the toy, making us have to go pick it up wherever it landed. Hmm. Aparently we’re the ones playing fetch, not the dogs.


And this photo is of Napoleon drinking some water from the focet. Rukia tried, too, but ended up getting he whole head wet. Ha!



~ by Nevis on August 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Backyard Bliss”

  1. oh i love your house and your back yard!
    that last pic of poley is the cutest ever!
    squeeze them both for me!

  2. Love your backyard and the puggies sure seem to like it too!

  3. A fenced backyard is definitely a Very Good Thing for a dog!

  4. What a great fence! Ours is chain link, so the neighbors can see right through it!

  5. Great yard! I love the fence. I can’t wait until we have a bigger fenced-in yard – the pugs are going to love it too!!
    Just wanted to tell you too that the Ikea chair you saw Clover sleeping in is over 20 years old! They last forever!!

  6. The yard looks great! I know what you mean about the fence and privacy. 🙂

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