Vegas Vacation

Okay, here’s a quick round up from our vacation to Vegas. I’d been there before but I really love the place and I knew that Terry would like it, too. We didn’t actually take that many photos on the trip, not sure why, I think it’s because we did a lot of walking and it was really hot (110^F) and we were tired and frankly half the time I wasn’t thinking of photos and scrapbooking…and mainly worrying about the next time I could sit down or find some A/C. Also, you can’t take photos inside a casnio, so that left out a lot of times when I probally would’ve considered taking a photo.

Here we are on the first night…vacation happiness!

We’d gambled a little but we decided we didn’t like it…I mean…we blew $80 in about 30 minutes. Yeah, not fun. So we decided no more gambling for us and did tons of other things. Here are a few other photos from the first night when we were walking around.

The NY-NY skyline. Terry is smiling with his eyes. Or maybe we were tipsy? I can’t remember.

A few of the highlights of the trip was a show we saw called, “Peepshow“. It was a lot of fun and we really liked it. It had great music, dancing and, of course, boobs. It was Vegas afterall! The headliner of the show, if there was one, was Holly Madison, one of Hugh Heffner’s ex-girlfriends…she was on that show “Girls Next Door”on E! if you ever watched it. Well, the show was really fun. I highly recommed it to you if you’re out in Vegas and Blue Man or Cirque de Soiel shows aren’t your style (they’re totally not mine…snore!) I have a photo of us all dressed up for the show with a few of the dancers, but I left it at home. I’ll post it later.

Other highlights include going to the Bodies Exhibit and the Titantic Exhibit (both at Luxor). These were both very cool. Particularly the Titanic Exhibit…very informative, creative, interesting and well done! I really liked it. Alas, no photos either. I don’t think we were allowed to take photos inside the exhibt because they took photos of us and then wanted to charge us $20 for them. If the photo had come out great, we might have indulged, but the photo was lame.

We also did lots of shopping, eating, drinking and more shopping. Lazed by the pool and just generally relaxed and had a wonderful, relaxing week. And I got to eat mexican food (real mexican food) three times. I’ve been completely craving it since it’s my favorite and I’ve yet to find anything halfway decent in the area where I now live. I haven’t given up, I’m sure there has to be something decent? But it was nice to have authentic tamales, enchiladas, and amazingly good chips and salsa again. Mmm…! So good! Oh, here’s a photo of us at the Forum shops in Ceaser’s Palace. We had Cheesecake Factory for lunch. So good!

We also went to a really cool Aquarium called “Shark Reef” at Mandalay Bay. It’s the worlds only aquarium dedicated to preditors! It’s very well done and you get the audio tour for free! I’m always to cheap to pay extra for it, so it’s nice that it’s included. Here are some cool photos from the aquarium. They actually came out pretty good without a flash.

Cool looking coral:

Terry in front of a neat statue. Very Indiana-Jones:


Inside the shark reef it looks like a sunken ship. Neat, huh?

And a great shot that I caught of a big ol’ shark. Scary!

That was pretty much it. We are glad to be home though. No matter how much fun a vacation is…there is no place like home.

We completely missed our babies. Here are two gratuitous pictures of the puggies. Baby girl when we put her on the table. Isn’t she adorable?!

And Popo looking especially thoughtful as he peers out the window.


~ by Nevis on July 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Vegas Vacation”

  1. OOO Vegas looks so fun! 🙂
    I want to go too!

  2. oh what a great vacation and pics!
    hug R and P for us!

  3. Great Pictures so glad you had such a good time and that Terry had a good time too, dang that sounds too hot..!!


  4. Glad you had a great vacation! We have thought about the pug exchange idea before! We should try a short 1-2 day sleepover. Our pugs are pretty high maintainence because I have spoiled them. They go out often during the day. If not Bitsy will poop and eat the evidence!

  5. Great photos! That aquarium looks fun. I wish there was a good aquarium where we live.

    And “Terry smiling with his eyes” – LOL – he must have learned that from Tyra Banks.

    The vests I bought at Target were $10. They were on sale but even the regular price was only $12.

  6. Love Terry smiling with his eyes! Tyra would be proud! Glad y’all had fun!

  7. Oh fun! 🙂

    Have you been to a cirque show? They are actually pretty cool lol
    Holly Madison was also on dancing with the stars last season. Haha I watch way to much tv.

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