Back from Vacation!

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t talked to everyon in ages. With being sick, preperation for vacation and then the vacation itself…I haven’t had anytime at all to post or just be apart of our fun pug-blog-universe, you know? And I don’t have any great photos to show of our vacation right now, just one photo of the puggies.



The vet (where they were kenneled) is not open on Sunday’s so we had to wait until today to pick up our babies. Bad enough to be away from them for a week, but to have to wait an extra day…very hard indeed! I miss their silly little pugginess. Here’s a cute photo that I snapped with my cell phone on the way to drop them off last saturday morning.

Will post more tomorrow!


~ by Nevis on July 27, 2009.

11 Responses to “Back from Vacation!”

  1. Welcome back!! I can’t wait to see the vacation pics!

  2. I’m glad you are back too..

  3. Welcome back! Nice to see our little friends again!

  4. Aww that would be hard!

  5. Thanks for visiting our blog. Hope you had a good vacation!

  6. Yay, glad you are back–we missed you! hope you had a great vacation!!!

  7. hi allison!
    welcome home!

    i cannot wait to hear all about your vacation!

  8. Those pugs are cute! 🙂
    AHHHH good ol vacations!

  9. Welcome back! I’m sure the puggies were very happy to see you back home!

  10. Glad you are back with your babies! Happy to see you back!

  11. Good to see you back! The pugs are cute enough to hold me over for a day or so, I think! Can’t wait to hear more about your vacation though!

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