Birthday gift boxes

tiffanysIt was my birthday last week and I’m still celebrating it. First I received my birthday gift from Terry in this divine little blue box that all women know…

Then my Mom got me a gift certificate to Amazon and I used that and some birthday money from my Dad to buy the Kitchen Aid 12-cup Food Processor that was highly recommended by Americas Test Kitchen. Eek! I haven’t used it yet (it just came), but I love it! The pugs liked the box!


And here’s a photo of Terry and the puggies while they watched me Oooh and Aaah over it while I opened the box.



~ by Nevis on June 4, 2009.

15 Responses to “Birthday gift boxes”


  2. A diamond necklace! Photos later…

  3. A DIAMOND NECKLACE?? That Terry is a KEEPER!!!!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. happy birthday allison!
    what great gifts. i love the photo of p & r in the box!

    m & e

  6. Yeah, what was in the blue box? Come on, spill. And where is the photo of the kitchen aid? What color is it?


  7. Love the little pink tongues!

  8. I want a food processor so bad, let us know how you like yours!

  9. I would love to get the pugs together! Eli and Bitsey are going to stay with our fav Dr. C for a while because we are going to Disneyworld!!! So let’s plan it after we get back!!!

  10. Spoiled girl! lol
    I have a regular version kitchen aid (not sure how many cups) but omg I LOVE IT! I use it for everything, it is so much fun. Plus I got an ice cream attachment for it at Christmas! lol

    Hahahaha that is friggin funny.. have you seen the newer one JT did, Mother Lover?? Hysterical!

  11. OK…mom was wigging out wondering what was in the Tiffany box…but then she breathed when she read it here in the comments! WHEW!

    Happy belated birthday!

    Thanks for the kind words about Holden! I’m sure he’d love to have Terry for a teacher!!!!

  12. I wanna see the necklace!!!

  13. Happy belated!

    I still love the kiddies in the box!!!

  14. Yay! I immediately came down to the comments to see if you’d revealed what was in the box, hehe 🙂 Awesomeeeee!

  15. NO pictures of what came IN that little blue box??

    Gus and Waldo

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