House photos!

As promised, here are house photos for your enjoyment. I took these before the guests arrive at our Memorial Day/Birthday Party on Monday.

Here’s a few shots of the guest bathroom.

Another of the guest bath, a different angle:

One more of the guest bath:

Some photos on the wall in the hallway:

A trash-to-tresaure find of a [plastic!] baroque-looking mirror that I spray painted green. LOVE it! Not sure if this is it’s forever spot, but I like it there for now.

Entry table and mirror.

Close-up of what is sitting on entry table. Photo of Terry and I, a few of our fav books, an orchid and an objet d’art.

Walking into living room…some movie posters on the wall to your left, the kitchen beyond straight ahead and the great room is on your right.

Living room. I loooooooooove the arc lamp in the corner and how all the elements really came together. I really love the way it turned out.

A Gallery Art wall in living room…some photos we took, purchased, and painted 0urselves.

The view looking towards the fireplace.

Fireplace art & accessories. I love the look of art leaning on a fireplace. Hanging art over the fireplace is so old-school!

The chaise part of couch and looking back on the art wall.

More of the couch…love all the pillows and my gorgeous rug. And you can see my moss terrarium on the ottoman.

Another shot of my updated wingback chair (I love it) and also the terrarium. You can also see my gorgeous lemongrass-green curtains. I love green!

Are you sick of looking at my living room yet? Well, one last photo…the sofa table and lamps. Gotta have a little symmetry with all the assymetral parts of the room.

Kitchen dining area. Sorry the photo is a little dark.

Table all set for the party! My Mom gave me flowers with that green vase for my birthday a few years ago. I thought it apropos to use for my birthday party! And it matched.

More photos some other day…!


~ by Nevis on May 28, 2009.

26 Responses to “House photos!”

  1. Ok, the house looks FABULOUS! I love everything! The touches of green just MAKE the living room… and I love the art/photos you picked.

  2. I’m so proud of her. I knew she would do a wonderful job decorating our home and I was right.

  3. You are so right she did a good job, the pictures look great. Love the house..


  4. THERE IS NOT ONE THING IN THERE THAT I DONT LIKE! SO. MY. STYLE. OMG i am stealing your houseeeeeeeee!

  5. That is a very nice house, and nicely decorated. Mom loves the “Empire” poster.


  6. Can you come and decorate our house?

    BTW, big thumbs up on “World War Z”!

  7. Totally AWESOME!!! looks like a model home – no, better than a model home because I really like the style and design! We do have the same taste, Allison! Congratulations!

  8. You have done a great job with your new home!

  9. OMG I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. I love everything! Love the mirrors, love the gallery wall, love the rug & ottoman, love the colors, love how you lean art/photos (I do that too). V.v. impressed!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! You did an awesome job! Now the fun part – enjoying all your hard work!

  11. Your home is just gorgeous! I especially love the gallery photos on the wall!

  12. hi allison!
    omg! i LOVE your home and how you decorated it!
    the green is perfect! love the curtains!

  13. Everything looks gorgeous!! We have very similar taste in decor and design – I love everything!

  14. Oh wow it looks amazing!! I love the splashes of lime green you have thrown in. When I buy a house I may need to hire you to help decorate!

  15. Everything looks amazing!! Very beautiful.

  16. what a lovely home! you have really made it look stylish and homey at the same time. i love the wingback chair, the lamps, the green…i love it all! it looks so pretty and comfy. happy birthday and a huge pat on the back for the lovely home. thank you for sharing!

  17. We love your house! Harry said Po-Po and Rukia are very lucky to have such a talented decorator for a Mom. Good job!

    Do I see some Z Gallerie in there? If not, I think you would LOVE that store…

  18. Wow! Your house is delicious – so clean and uncluttered. I can really see your personality shining through…it should be in a magazine!

  19. Happy late Brithday! You did a great job decorating your home.

  20. You did an amazing job. I am envious. Happy Birthday!

  21. What an awesome house! Mom normally does not like green, but you did a fantastic job with incorporating that color into your pad! Hope you had a rocking party . . .

  22. Next career…..interior design!!! You did a FABULOUS job, the house looks wonderful…so inviting!

  23. Your living room is stunning! You sure do have an eye for interior design. I love all of the art/pictures on the wall. Good choices and good hanging!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the art on the walls…colors are fab, living room is amazing…love that couch and pillows and the leather ottoman is so sharp….you are so brilliant with all the details!

  25. Ooh!!! Mommee LOVES your house! Do you want to come and decorate hers?

    Gus and Waldo

  26. […] But I’m a creative person. I am, although lack of this evidence – I have in spades. I used to want to be a writer. I still do, although I never do any writing outside of this blog. And I’ve painted since I was 12 years old (which is is like…twenty years now) although I haven’t really done much painting in the past few years. Actually the first things I’ve painted in ages were the paintings on our wall in the living room. […]

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