Wordless Wedensday (Almost)


Freshly baked shortbread, from Ina’s recipe; I recently purchased her new book “Barefoot Contessa; Back to Basics”. Great cookbook. And Although I baked it in a springform pan (instead of cutting with cookie cutter) and didn’t dip it in chocolate, it was still wonderful! Personally I think the chocolate in her recipe is a little much…like guilding the lily, you know? I mean…shortbread is already so rich and delicious on it’s own.

These came out delicious and would taste awesome crumbled over some vanilla ice cream.


~ by Nevis on May 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Wordless Wedensday (Almost)”

  1. I loooove Ina! I watch her every day on my lunch break! That pie looks so good!

  2. That looks really good! I do enjoy alot of her recipes.. but I can’t stand her. At all. :p

    And hey! Sometimes gilded lily’s are damn good! haha

  3. She stole them from him but I missed that shot! lol
    She moves in and is a little shark.
    Gus drops things or I will drop his toy on the ground and he stops and tilts his head to look.. very cute!

    have you checked out the smitten kitchen website?

  4. Looks YUM! I love to watch Ina’s show

  5. ooohhh…shortbread is sooo good!
    nice job!

  6. Oh my god, this looks amazing. I love shortbread prepared in a round like this–the wedges are so delectably rich.

  7. wow allison!
    that is beautiful! you are an amazing cook!

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