King of the Grill

We have been grilling every night since we got the grill. LOVE IT! It’s such a great grill. Best I’ve ever had. I forgot to take photos the first night when we had steaks, but last night I took photos as we grilled up chicken tenders. I had marinaded them in a burbon peppercorn marinade (store bought) and we thought it actually tasted pretty good.

Here’s Terry grilling:

A photo of the puggies “helping” Daddy. Oh, they’re so cute! Actually I think they want back in the air conditioned kitchen…

A photo of the grill itself. Chicken and asparagus. Best way to grill asparagus? They’re coated in some good olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Grill until tender. YUM!

Some random photos of the pugs going crazy in yard. Free! Exercise! Smelling grilling meat! Fresh grass smells!

Baby girl is SO adorable!

Pug Butt!!!

Pugs drinking water…it was in the 80’s out there and humid so you guys know how they need to keep hydrated. Especially since they’re running around like crazy. Poor baby girl sounds like a freight train when she gets out of breath. Oh, adorable brachycephalic puggie girl.

Crazy INSANE close-up.

And the final result. YUM dinner. Pugs got some scraps of all of it, too.


~ by Nevis on May 8, 2009.

15 Responses to “King of the Grill”

  1. Mmmm..looks good I just had breakfast but it looks yummy..I haven’t grilled anything in so long..

  2. hi allison!
    oh that looks delicious!

  3. Yum! Makes us want to get a grill and even a baby girl like Rukia!

  4. Oh that dish looks so good! We grill a lot too. Love the grill!

  5. I want to have dinner at your house …..

    Mom is always yelling that when I turn around!

    You inspired mom to fire up our grill too, but instead she stood there and cussed at it for 5 minutes because she forgot the propane tank was empty from the last time we grilled.

    Dad is going to get a full one today because mom says that we need our burger fix today!

    LOVE the pics and it looks like you guys all love your new house! YAY!


  7. you two are having so much fun with your new home! keep it up!!

  8. Yay bbq!! lol We started our up 2 weeks ago and use it almost all the time. Although it hasn’t exactly been warm here this last week… thank god it’s on a covered patio!!

  9. My hydrangeas are in the ground. I have to water them a lot to keep them from wilting especially the ones in full sun. The ones in the shade are less maintinence but still need much water. I have heard that you can buy soil for containers that holds the moisture better than regular potting soil.

  10. What a presentation on that plate!

  11. Delicious food, cute puggies and the warm outdoors – that is the best!!

  12. Nevis, honey…..yer killin’ me here! I love chicken, rice AND asparagus!

    Yep. Mmhmm.

  13. Dinner looks absolutely delicious! I love asparagus… and I’m the only one at my house who does!

  14. Grilltastic!! Yummy and awesome pugs shots as usual:)

  15. We miss grilling SO MUCH since we’ve been in Korea. Sigh.

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