Who is the cutest?

cutepugawardOkay, this is a topic for everyone to discus. Either post on your own blog, or comment to my post. Well, obviously my PoPo and Baby girl are the cutest pugs in the world to me. And as unbiased as I can possibly be, I think they’re pretty darn cute. BUT if I were going to choose some other pugs in the world…what little puggies are adorable? And you can only pick two. Well, it was only going to be one, but I can’t narrow it down, so it’s two.

1. Coco, because he’s such a hero, he’s SOOOO adorable AND he has great taste in bath accessories! I want to drive to Florida and steal him!

2. Salinger, because he’s HILARIOUS, his parents let him drive, he’s SUPER cute and I love his little expressions! Look at his EYES in that photo! OMG, I want to eat him up!

Honorable Mention: Miss Sol! She’s just the cutest thing EVER! How can you resist that face?

So now it’s your turn!


~ by Nevis on April 30, 2009.

18 Responses to “Who is the cutest?”

  1. Ok, I TOTALLY agree with you here about how ADORABLE Coco and Salinger are! I would gladly kidnap either of them and not feel the tiniest bit bad about it. 🙂

    I’m not sure if I can pick 2 of my own… I am kind of obsessed with everyone!?

  2. C’mon Pearl…! Pick two!

  3. Wow…thank you! I’m totally blushing over here!

    Mom says there’s no way…it’s like Sophie’s Choice but with PUGS!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing me, too!! I will post my brand new award on my blog tomorrow. Mom has had a busy week but she says that its the kitchen aid mixer the one she wants (red) too!! And she aso loves crate & barrel. You two should go shopping together!

  5. Mom agrees with you. Both of those pugs are sooo cute. Mom would love to snag Coco, he is just adorable, but she wouldn’t want his mom to be upset.


  6. Who could choose one pug over another? They all are the cutest and most adorable! They all are #1 in my eyes!!!

  7. Those are some precious puggies! Woman has always thought black pugs are the cutest!

  8. Those are some tough decisions. 🙂

  9. Oh, the pic of Salinger is HILARIOUS! He reminds me of a 16 year old about to take his first driver’s test! LOL!
    Naturally, though, I would have to pick my puggy mugs as the cutest. Especially little one eyed Sela. She can really work that look.

  10. Silly Page, you can’t pick your own puggies! LOL

  11. Hi PoPo and Baby Girl, Don’t know if you remember me, but it’s Miss Kylie! Just wanted to say Hi and see how you were doing! I don’t know too many pugs so I guess you are at the top of my list! I hope you come over and visit me again soon, Maybe you can let me know if I can add you to my Furiends list!


  12. omg – those are the cutest pugs in the world!

    thanks for your comment on trends – yes – I think that is the point. just buy what you like and don’t worry about what’s hot or not!!!! when you get sick of it yourself – move it to a closet for a year or two.

  13. Thanks for picking Sol! She is very honored and will be holding her award over Benjamin, Henry & Luna’s heads 🙂

  14. I love ’em all to the maximum!
    That being said, I think Salinger’s expression as he’s getting ready to start the car is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. He embodies the Spirit of Pug.

  15. Ugh! I wish I had a pug so I could add him to this list! I’m getting one AS SOON AS I move out!! 😀 Like on the way to my new home… I’m gonna go find one! Lol

  16. Salinger is SO cute!

  17. OK, I’ll be bold and specific. Sol #1 and Coco #2 and this is only because you said “cute”. I think Salinger has a more daring and sophisticated look that wouldn’t fall into the “cute” category. He’s probably more comfortable with the term “handsome”. Hmmm, my top 2 are both from Fla. where my real top 2 (Biscuit and Rascal) were born. 🙂

  18. omg those are all so cute! I can not decide!

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