My New Favorite Show…

deadliestcatch1I have no idea why, but I’m completely addicted to the Discovery Channel show, “Worlds Deadliest Catch“.

I caught it by accident sometime during a marathon of the show last season…and I’ve been entranced ever since. I am not sure why, either. I don’t like fishing, I don’t even like to eat crab…I rarely even watch anything on the Discovery Channel. I actually think it was made mostly to appeal to male audiences, too…but I can’t be the only female watching….There is just something about this show! It’s such drama and excitement!


Here’s a publicity shot of all the captains.


Wow! Look at that wave. Just a mild taste of the conditions the fishermen have to encounter.


Wow! Look at that ice and snow on the ship!


And I think my favorite ship of the bunch is either Time Bandit (love the name!) or The Wizard.

Do you watch the show? Let me know!


~ by Nevis on April 22, 2009.

11 Responses to “My New Favorite Show…”

  1. OK — I’m totally obsessed with this show! 🙂 My dad and I watch it faithfully and I have a couple of re-run episodes I missed on TiVo. I don’t know what it’s so interesting — I mean, a group of fishermen, some crabs, some storms, fighting and family bonding and . . . OK, that actually sounds really interesting, haha. I’m right there with you! Love the Time Bandit! 🙂

    Do you ever watch “Ax Men”? That’s another totally random show I’m into now! Sort of a similar concept . . .

  2. I watch the show too:) I got to meet Sig Hanson in December. We were at Disney World and he was making an appearance in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. It was really cool to see in person.

    Have a GREAT Wednesday!!

  3. Ok, I watched this show ONE time and had to stop. I have a SERIOUS phobia of being out at sea in a storm… and this show freaked me OUT! hahaha

    I do, however, have a WEIRD addiction to Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. It is SO out of my character to enjoy watching this man hunt his own food and eat live animals/insects… I have NO idea why I can’t turn it off!

  4. I haven’t seen the show yet but I was watching the Kathy Griffin special the other day and she was talking about the Emmy category her reality show was in and talking about the other nominees. Deadliest Catch was one and she said, “It’s literally a show about fishing until you DIE!!!” haha

    I thought, that sounds great!

  5. I like Shark Week… lol

    I have seen this show a few times and then I remember that movie A Perfect Storm and I can’t do it.
    Although the show about heli lumberjacks looks kind of neat. 🙂

  6. This show is available direct to my computer via craigslist so I do watch it. For me it’s like “this show is so boring and stupid but I can’t quit watching them pulling in the pots”.

  7. Yes…I watch it too…not always, but it’s mesmerizing.

  8. Egad, it’s an entire ship full of alien face-huggers! Run away!!!

  9. CSP & I watched it for the first 2 seasons. Never missed an episode. Good stuff. Plus I like that Mike Rowe is the narrator. He has a great voice.

  10. I am totally addicted to this show. I even have the game for the Xbox.

  11. This show COMPLTETELY ROCKS!!!

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