Fashion Plates!

One of my favorite sites that I’m always prowling is called Apartment Therapy and they were talking about this UBER cool “toy” the other day…and it totally brought back memories for me. I spent  SO MANY hours playing with it, “drawing” and coloring outfits and imagining I was such an artist/designer!

Did anyone else have the “Fashion Plates” (toy) that I had in the 80’s growing up…?


~ by Nevis on April 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “Fashion Plates!”

  1. I remember these very clearly…and was fortunate to have found a set for my DDs’. One especially LOVES to design!!! Fun fun!

  2. Hahah I had one too.. I think it was a barbie one! 🙂
    Too funny!

    Thanks for reminding me!!! We were in the office just the other day looking up vintage (dear god, our childhoods are ‘vintage now’) toys we used to play with. I had totally forgotten about this one, but now I remember it perfectly….I’m emailing this to my sister immediately.

  4. oh my gosh! I haven’t thought of that is forever. So fun!

  5. oh how fun!

    i think i remember those commercials!


  6. I HAVEN’T EVEN THOUGHT OF THIS SINCE I USED IT!!! OBSESSIVELY!!!! Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

  7. I did, but someone got it for me when I was like two, so I mostly just scribbled on it, but I remember my Mom using it.

  8. omg, I forgot about those, I loved fashion plates.


  9. OMG!!! I LOVED my fashion plates – and had completely forgotten about them until just now. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  10. I adored this toy!!!! I remember trying to find scraps of paper to use when I was little so I could make a few more designs.

  11. OH MY GOD! I totally had those too. So funny to see the design of the skirt (the pattern). It is funny how you totally forget about something like this and then when you see it – it brings back all these memories.

  12. I LOOOOOVED fashion plates!!

  13. Someone just reminded me of these so I was googling it and ended up here. I loved playing with these when I was a little girl. Perfect for a girl like me who couldn’t really draw. :o)

  14. Loved these! I also had a Crayola interior design kit – with tracing paper and different rooms and accessories. My mom saved that one for me, so happy she did!

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