House updates!


Here is the most recent photo of what our living room currently looks like. There are still loads of changes to make. Obviously, there are no curtains, rugs, lamps, very little art on the walls, furniture changes to make, etc. But this is what it looks like when I come home now.  We definatly need some sort of sofa table behind the couch, and no, we won’t always have garbage on the ground randomly. Unpacking is messy business!

And here’s another photo, this time of the kitchen…still boxes on the ground, chairs that haven’t been unpacked, no blinds up, etc.


And the master bedroom…again, so raw. Nothing decorated yet, just all unpacked and we virtually have no furniture for this room.


While the green color is nice, I guess, I really don’t like it for the bedroom and will be repainting soon. I really wanted a happy, peaceful blue…like maybe a tranquil Tiffany blue?

And we still haven’t decided on the rug. What of this one? It’s more modern, very linear. I like it, too.


Look at this cool moroccon poof! I want one!

And this wicked cool bedspread set! Don’t you wish you lived there?

This very-french, very-chic frameless mirror.

And I must have a Pugarita print for the kitchen! 🙂

No photos of the pugs today…we’re kind of fustrated with Ruki lately. Since we moved she has completely regressed. She has peed on the couch twice, pooped the hallway and everyday we find poop on the ground in the garage where they stay during the day.  Poley isn’t haven’t any trouble adjusting which is typical, he’s so easy. He’s my little angel.

I sometimes get SO fustrated with her I just don’t know what I’m going to do with her. She is wilful and it’s almost like she doesn’t like the changes so she’s punishing us. When we get home and they’re let into the house, she wants to punish us more by going potty when and where she knows she isn’t supposed to. I don’t know how Poley can just “get” it but she is like back to square one all over again. It’s very fustrating! I feel like I’ve potty trained the same dog ten different times. Does anyone else feel our pain?


~ by Nevis on April 15, 2009.

22 Responses to “House updates!”

  1. First of all, the house is looking wonderful! Don’t worry about trash and clutter right now. Moving is such hard work!

    About the potty-training, I can definitely relate. Pearl is 3 years old, I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, and there are STILL weeks where she has 3-4 accidents in the house. I have no advice, except that I try to be consistent in rewarding her EVERY time she goes outside, just as if she were a puppy again. I have read over and over again that pugs are VERY hard to potty train, but Poley seems fine!? Hopefully Rukia will adjust soon, too.

  2. We love your new house and the morrocan puff – you should totally get that!

    We’re sorry to hear about Rukia though. I’ve not had to go through that as Harry came to me about 95% trained and he hasn’t undergone any stressful things yet (like moving).

    Maybe get her a belly band until the peeing stops – not sure what to do about the poop but at least it’s less damaging than the other. Sorry she’s kinda raining on your parade.

  3. I totally feel you – just this morning I woke up to pee AND POOP on the floor. Totally no reason at all (and she turns 4 this year).

    I don’t know what to offer for advice because I had the same conversation with my hubs this morning – how come Meimei just gets it and Miko won’t!!!

  4. Maybe it’s a fawn pug thing. Anyone else think fawn pugs are easier to potty train? Or just a coincidence?

  5. Since I have no black pugs, I’m going to have to agree that fawn pugs are easier! LOL! I’ve had no problems with either pugs potty training…Winston trained in about two weeks and was completely trained by two months. Sela, though she was older when we got her, only peed in the house ONCE and never looked back. Occasionally she’ll poo in the house, but she’ll only do it on a hard surface, so it’s easy cleanup and then only under really stressful situations. I think Rukia will calm down soon once she realizes y’all aren’t leaving her in a strange, new place. BTW, LOVE the new house and furniture!

  6. hello! the house is looking great! the bedspread set is cute! nice and refresing colors. ive never seen the pugarita before, i would get one but i dont think my husband will allow another pug item in the house haha.
    i am sorry to hear Ruki is doing pee and poo in the house. maybe she is marking and will stop doing that soon? i hope i could help but i dont know what to say, if it wasnt for my husband Coco would be a wild messy pug.

  7. hmm…interesting theory. Yes, Clementine is harder to work with on the potty training. Winston hasn’t had an accident in our house …….um, ever. No wait, maybe like a year ago when we first moved in?? In fact, both dogs went kind of crazy with the marking and the pooping when we moved to our new house, but after a couple of weeks they realized this was their home now, they didn’t need to mark it, and got over it. It should fade away pretty soon. We still have days with Clementine but they are fewer and far between now – she is getting much better. She is even starting to go to the back door when she needs to go in between her regular potty breaks. No idea how or why – I did not train her to do this.

    Anyways – the house looks awesome!! I LOVE that bedspread. I’m sort of obsessed with coral – my whole living room has a coral theme, so I cannot deny the hottness of that set.

  8. The house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love the kitchen!!!!


    So cute!

    Hey from one dr.donna to another! 🙂

  10. Love the art over the fireplace! Our girls regressed for a bit when we moved too. I wish I had a magic recipe for that to fix itself to share with you.

  11. Your house is really looking good!

  12. The house looks great so far! 🙂

    Gus was an absolute monster when we first moved, we just put it down to the fact that the house it self was disgusting and I was still cleaning. But now (a year later) I think it is just him. He refuses to poop outside no matter what. And Indy has regressed recently as well. She constantly pees inside but I am wondering if that is a leftover side affect of the bladder infection.. anyways..

    Use lots of vinegar and stay on Rukia about it. It could just be the whole move has stressed her out or she isn’t happy about it.

  13. The house looks awesome! It is so pretty, and I just love the view from your kitchen table!! (We have a tiny mud pit for a “backyard”.) I like that rug too – the linear one.
    About Ruki… I am sorry that I don’t have any good advice! Clover is usually really good in the house with no accidents, and we just tried to be really really consistent with the times we took her out, and did the crazy praising and excitedness thing when she went to the bathroom outside. We ignored any indoor accidents and cleaned up with vinegar… Then we trained her to ring a bell when she has to go out. It usually works, although if she hears people outside she will ring the bell just to go out and check it out!!
    Good luck! 🙂

  14. You trained Clover to RING A BELL when she has to go potty???? Are you guys magicians!? Seriously, that’s amazing!

  15. The house is looking great!

  16. I feel your pain…and her name is Bitsey at this house. I can’t tell you how many times she has peed on her own pillow!! Eli would explode before he does anything in the house!

    The house looks great – I agree about the bedroom – blue is so restfull to me!!

  17. your new house is so nice! i Love that couch! i love your whole living room. and the view out the kitchen is so pretty, what a nice view to look at while you eat.
    i think rukia will settle down soon, it’s just a nervous puppy getting adjusted.
    have fun with your house!

  18. I love the house! Such a pretty living room and a beautiful view out of your kitchen window! Congratulations!

    And keep hanging in there with Rukia…I know it’s hard, but you can tell from all the feedback that it’s not just Rukia. Whenever we’ve had backsliding, I go back to EXTREME positive reinforcement when Bennie goes potty outside. I practically throw a party. The other thing–and I know you don’t have extra time with all the work of settling in–but try to fit some walks in. A tired dog is generally a well-behaved dog. Or at least that’s my theory : )

  19. Yeaaa for lovely new house things/rooms/and rooms yet to be done!
    Okay, social niceties out of the way, tell me where you got that bedspread, dammit. MUST. HAVE.

  20. Congratulations on your beautiful house!

    It was funny though – when I looked at your first picture, I had to do a double take because your living room looks almost EXACTLY like mine – from the pine bookcase, fireplace, brown leather couch, the Ikea chair (or Ikea looking chair) and I think we have the same TV with a very similar stand! It’s not only that we have very similar stuff but the placement of everything is in the same!

  21. Pearl & Daisy…we both must have excellent taste, then! 😉

  22. Sorry about Rukia, some dogs need more time, moving can be traumatic so the vet syas. Love the kitchen!!

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