Here’s our couch

ashley_sectionalAnd I currently wish I was lounging on it right now! It’s nothing fancy, but I like the look of it and it cleans up easy and it’s thankfully Poley-colored so when he sheds you can’t see it.

And no, that’s not my house or me in the photo. I found that photo online somewhere. We even have that exact ottomon, too. It’s really handy because it has four cubbys on the sides to hold all sorts of stuff like Xbox games, controllers, magazines, etc.

And see the boring neutral rug underneath? I’d like to get a little more color in the room than that. I want some pop! zing! bang! boom! in the room.  I don’t even know what I’m talking about, I didn’t have enough caffine this morning. Yikes. I’m hungry, I shouldn’t have skipped lunch either.

Here’s some lovely pointless pug cuteness. Oldie but goodie…PoPo sleeping on my lap while I surf the net:



~ by Nevis on April 3, 2009.

10 Responses to “Here’s our couch”

  1. hello there its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like a grate kowtch!!! mmmmm so menny pillos and stuf!!! can i come over and sleep on it??? owr kowtch heer is not so comfortabul ennymore on akkownt of misteeryus gofer damadj wot has ben dun to it ha ha ok bye

  2. Great sofa!

  3. OMG I love that sofa set! Wow! I think it will be amazing with the last carpet you posted (the small squares) or the ferns from the original carpet posting! lol

    Does Rukia shed a lot?

  4. hi allison!

    thank you so much for sharing your design journey and puggies!

    it is so much fun!

    m & e

  5. Love the sofa! PoPo on his back is adorable. I’ve never seen my Fuji in that position.

  6. What a cute photo of PoPo on the laptop. As for the sofa, you can always add splashes of color with toss pillows, window treatments or artwork. Mom has a red sofa (she likes big splashes of color) and a more neutral rug. Broadloom is expensive to replace, compared to a chair.


  7. Love the couch.
    Love the ottoman.
    Love the cute PoPo pic!
    And the beauty of that couch (apart from it’s design beauty) is that you can do a million things with it! Enjoy thinking about all your choices!

  8. Love ths sofa!
    PoPo is super cute, I just want to squeeze him.. 🙂

  9. Reason #26 why I want a pug!

    Yes, I twitter…

  10. Love the couch! And that puggie pic is so adorable.

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