What about this rug?

I can’t decide if I love this rug. I mean, I do love it but it feels vaugely generic to me. I really wanted something…I don’t know…edgier…but maybe the rug isn’t the place to be edgy. Maybe artwork or something.


Oh and more gratiutious pug love from the archives…Po Po today!



~ by Nevis on April 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “What about this rug?”

  1. oh what a great rug and pug! 🙂

    i love the colors on this rug. i think it will match everything and add fun color and pattern to any room.


  2. i like the other rugs better, they have much more personality. how is your furniture? i think that it has a lot to do if the rug needs to me simpler or not. maybe modern/contemporary furniture (with is simple) will look super nice with a rug with a great design.

  3. That one makes my eyes go all floopy. Oh, wait, no, it’s my dirty glasses doing that …

  4. This is nice, but I like the flower one below it.

  5. I like the rug— I would be obsessed with constantly counting all the colours though but I do like it.

  6. Too much for me. I like the bottom one in the previous post. Depends on your furniture and what look you are going for I think. But today anything goes, I suppose!

  7. I love that rug!

  8. Mom likes that rug. And the photo is great.


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