Home Inspection

We had our home inspection yesterday and it went well, really only one thing was found to be a major issue…the air conditioning heat pump thingie was installed too close to the house…so they’ll have to move it away from the exterior wall.

I’m still on the prowl for the perfect area rug for the living room. Found this option (also from Anthropologie):


A photo of the rug in a room environment:


Here’s another possible rug choice, although it’s fairly safe. I still like it though.


And some gratuitous pug love from the archives:



~ by Nevis on April 1, 2009.

10 Responses to “Home Inspection”

  1. So far my fave is the other page the one with the ferns and leaves in the toned browns and greens. It depends on how much you want it to stand out.

    I do like the second one on this page too.

    Rukie is still so cute as always..


  2. I LOVE THE ANTHROPOLOGIE ONE FROM THIS ENTRY!!! All time fave out of all entries. It’s colorful yet looks almost neutral in the room- it is so warm and inviting. PS i have that bowl from the “gratuitous pug” picture!!!! LOL! Bowl set from crate and barrel????

  3. Mom actually likes the top rug better? Who’da thunk it.
    Love the gratuitous pug photo.


  4. I like the first one better too, and I would like a double shot of Pug in a Mug, please.

  5. Very nice rugs. I like the fern one from the other day the best I think, but they are all gorgeous.

    Pug in a Mug. That should be on a t-shirt because it’s ADORABLE!!!!

  6. and…um…I meant the picture should be on a t-shirt.

    Ay-yi-yi. It’s time for a nap…

  7. i LOVE the first rug! very fresh colors. i like the last rug also hehe you could put it in the pug’s bedroom!!!

  8. I love the Anthropologie rug. We’ve given up on rugs due to Magda mistaking them for her pee pad. You really can’t get better than the Anthropologie designs.

  9. I love all the rugs you’re picking out, honestly. It’s making me want to replace my yawn-worthy Pottery Barn choice I made eons ago.

  10. Definitely love the Anthropologie rug! It’s gorgeous. Different without being… weird, I think. Love it! Picking out new furnishings… how exciting 🙂 I’m getting the moving bug from your entries!

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