Eames Dreams

I have a dream. It’s a simple dream, really. I’ve had it for years. Merely, that one day, I would have an Eames chair in my house.


So pretty. Please, Terry? Pretty please? With whipped cream and cherry on top?


~ by Nevis on March 30, 2009.

10 Responses to “Eames Dreams”

  1. very nice chair!

  2. I’m dreaming with you. I’m tempted to do a knock off, put I do long for the real thing. We should check out ebay and stalk the hell out of it.
    I hope your dream comes true!

  3. but, not put..sorry.

  4. Its very nice.. are they expensive??

  5. LOVE IT!

    Pleeeease Terry?!

  6. That would be one HELL of a housewarming gift. There are some websites that do e-bay style bidding on vintage and used Eames and similar type furniture. You’ve probably seen them before – you won’t get them dirt cheap, but it’ll be a little less, maybe.

  7. I never heard of an Eames chair, but it looks very nice. Or, if you’re Dennis, very edible.

  8. Ohh.. Nice chair! And I’m with you on the carpet theme – they can make a real difference. They’re not too good with the pug hair, though.. LOL!


  9. That looks like a very nice chair.


  10. Oh come on get her the chair!

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