A Magic Carpet Ride

To me…one of the most important elements when designing a room…is the rug. After over a decade of apartment living where you couldn’t paint walls…I’ve come to utilize them as a bold graphic statement, as well as adding a lot of color and personality to a room. I really love rugs. I think all rooms need them, and I am not a snob about putting an area rug ontop of carpet. I love the layers!

Since the purchase of our new home…and we’ll be moving on April 10th (omg, that’s so soon! I’m so excited!!) I’m in major planning stages for the decor. I have always wanted to be able to decorate a house to my style and have no limits (well, except for budget). Terry has pretty much given me free reign as long as it isn’t hideous (he did nix my fav rug choice, but I’m okay with our backups).

So, without further adieu, here are our rug choices.

This was my favorite choice. An absolutly fabulous area rug from Anthropologie. Terry hated it, though. His response, specifically, was “Is that a peacock?”:


Then these were our two runners up, (1) Blue Stripes


(2) Modern fern-shapes


What do you think? I’m still looking, nothing is set in stone yet. Don’t you love putting a room together? I’m having a ball!


~ by Nevis on March 27, 2009.

12 Responses to “A Magic Carpet Ride”

  1. wow! those rugs are BEAUTIFUL! i particularly love the last one. i like the colors! i hate to move BUT once i am in a new place, I love to decorate!!! i find it very exciting and challenging. i am sure you will have lots of fun together, i cant wait to see what you come up to!! (how far are you from Talladega? i might be going there every year!)

  2. I agree- first chioce one is great!! Would be our first choice. But after that we definitely prefer the ferns one. Lots of great colors in there!

  3. I like the 1st one, too! Your house is very nice, 2000 sq ft will be lots of fun decorating. Really like your kitchen! Congrats on being a new home owner!!

  4. We love Anthropologie! Specifically, we love to go into Anthropologie, look at all the gorgeous things, look at the price tags, look in our wallets, and then leave empty-handed …

  5. We like the ferns!

  6. they are all so nice. i love the ferns, very whimsical. i can feel your excitement in your writing, so much fun!

  7. Ummm, mom is with Terry on the rug. She likes #2 though. Really, mom prefers the hardwood floors or really good carpet. Mom has plenty of color on the walls, so she doesn’t need color in the rugs.


  8. LOVE #1 -sorry it is out! The fern is also great. I love the ferns in our yard so this would go well for me to tie the inside to the outside! I’m going to enjoy your new house!

  9. I love the ferns!! You have soooo many color options for the walls curtains and accessories for the room.. 🙂

    Plus I love the new/retro look to it!! I bought a bunch of papers like that! 🙂

  10. Couldn’t agree with you more! Decorating is so fun!!

    I love all of your rug choices! I suppose I favor the last one, just for all the wonderful colors!

  11. I love rugs too. I like the peacock and the ferns!

  12. OK, first off let me say that the first choice is FAABulous! BUT, if Terry says ‘no’…well, then – I know what having a husband who thinks he has good design taste is like, so as far as the back ups are concerned – the second feathery looking one – definitely!

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