We bought a house!

For about the past month or so…Terry and I have been looking for a home. It started innocently enough, just stopping at some model homes and looking around at them in envy. Then we started looking at our finances and realized that we could actually probally afford one. Not one of those, but some other house. And it turns out, we could! It’s a great time to buy a house if you’re in the market; low interest rates, lots of homes to choose between, little to no competition and you’re going to pay less than the asking price.

So, here’s our house. You’ll have to pardon the crappy photos, these are the ones I took off the real estate website, and aparently they were took with a horrible camera. The home inspecter is coming out next week so we’ll get better photos then. Also I’ve got to measure for decorating purposes. I’m having an orgasm of design inspiration at the moment. I’ve never had my own house before to decorate…just apartments…so this is all so new…so wonderful!

It’s brand new. 2,000 square feet. 3 bed/2 bath. And I love it! Oh, and it will shave off about 20 minutes from my daily commute! Technically 20 minutes, each way, so a total of 40 minutes saved every day!

Here’s the front of it.


Here’s the greatroom (notice the double trey ceilings):


Looking into the kitchen, from the Greatroom:


More of the kitchen, just because I love it:


And the backyard. Not fenced in yet (for the dogs), but we’ll do it later. And that cute patio is completely covered AND has an outdoor ceiling fan & light. How cool will that be for BBQ’s? Those three windows look into the large eat-in kitchen.


I love it!


~ by Nevis on March 25, 2009.

29 Responses to “We bought a house!”

  1. Love love loooove the house! Congratulations to you two!

  2. Very nice! love the kitchen. Congrats!!

  3. Very cool! Very special! We are all so jealous! Mom and Dad have been looking for a house but alas, cannot afford one until Mom gets a job.
    What exactly are double tray ceilings? Mom says that she has never seen those before…
    Jemima Jones Beck

  4. YAY! Congratulations!!!!
    Ruki and Poley will LOVE their new house! 😉

  5. Yay! Congratulations!!!!!!

  6. Wow! It’s super nice. Congratulations!

  7. WOW!!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! We love having an old house but it’s stuff like this that makes us jealousssss of new houses! Enjoy it so much! I bet your neighbors will LOVE Ruki and Poley!

  8. Very nice!! It’s so exciting to buy a home. The kitchen in particular is beautiful!

  9. OH Congrats! What an exciting and wonderful feeling! It’s beautiful! Love the open concept!

  10. That is a beautiful house, with lots of beautiful sunshine streaming in. Everyone should love it.
    Go for it.


  11. yay!!! that is so exciting! it’s a beautiful home. that screened in patio looks so nice, i am soooo jealous! looking forward to more pictures! congratulations on your new home!

  12. Congratulations!! Your new house looks beautiful! I am very jealous, but hopefully I can make a post like this in the fall! 🙂
    Have a great time with your decorating ideas – I am sure you will do some great stuff!

  13. Congratulations! It looks so new and clean! Can’t wait to see how you put your personality into it! And the pugs will love the big, open room!

  14. yaaaaaay!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t wait to see all the design you put in to it – we’ll be expecting many many pictures of your projects in the future. BIG congrats!

  15. allison!!!!
    it is sooooo gorgeous! i am so excited for you!
    when do you move in?

  16. Nice pad! I bet the dogs will love hanging out on that porch!

  17. I love it too!! It’s beautiful! The kitchen is fabulous!!! Ooh yay!

  18. Congratulations! ! ! It’s a beautiful house, and I just love that kitchen! When do you move in? Not soon enough, I bet! I’m so happy for you!

  19. Wow! The house is great! Lots of space and light coming in. Congrats!

  20. LOVE it so much! Congratulations! Love the patio, love the kitchen, love it all! So happy for you!

  21. Wow, congrats! It will be so much fun.

  22. Congratulations — it looks like a great place. Love the kitchen and the covered patio!

  23. Congrats on the new house! It looks great!

  24. Oh Nevis the house is beautiful! The great room is awesome, especially the tray ceiling! love that kitchen also and the counter top/cabinets are so pretty! Congrats!

  25. Wow–I have kitchen and “new build” envy! Congratulations and welcome to “there’s no landlord to call anymore”-ville!

  26. That is a gorgeous home!!! Huge yard for the dogs too!!!! Congratulations once again!!!

  27. That is a GREAT house!! Congratulations!

  28. That’s awesome! Congratulations!!

  29. It’s gorgeous — how exciting! Congratulations and best wishes 🙂

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