It’s a Blizzard in Alabama!

Crazy, huh? And, well, not exactly a blizzard, but it’s totally snowing here. We had over 8 inches. Can you believe it? Here’s the view out the front door…the car on the bottom right of that photo is our Altima…you can barely see it!


And here’s the view out the back door!


Here’s Terry walking the dogs. Yes, we tortured the pugs by walking them in the snow. I figure if Frances can do it, so can Po Po and Ruki.


Poley liked it.


Ruki did not and I had to carry her. She was shivering and giving her so sad pitiful face.


Here’s a closer shot of her pitiful face.


This was our lake behind our house. I don’t know what the blue fuzzy corner is about…I think some snow was on the lens. Annoying!


Here are some cool plants next to the house.


Another plant.



~ by Nevis on March 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “It’s a Blizzard in Alabama!”

  1. Wow, is that crazy or what and snow in Atlanta too. It is is pretty cold here in Lakeland, Fla also. I have the chills as I type. Will have to throw on an extra blanket tonight and for the next couple of days, for the dogs too!

  2. I had to carry Bitsey most of the time, too. But Eli was a pug gone wild! He was running so fast I could not even get a good picture! Hope you didn’t get any tornado damage on Saturday morning – that was too close for me!

  3. Yup, that is crazy. We are getting that storm later tonight. We hope all the drivers in your area drive slowly and safely.


    PS I don’t like being in the snow either, but I bet you knew that.

  4. pretty photos! brrrr…looks chilly!

  5. “Mama, make it melt!”

  6. Oh wow! 🙂

  7. Wow! Who knew you could get that much snow there? We only got 3 inches here. But that’s enough to shut everything down. The pugs were NOT having it either.

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