My Pugs Ate A Dingo!

dingo4Well, I’ve been on the prowl for the perfect treat for the pugs during the day. Something that occupies their teeth, something thats tasty to them, affordable and easy. I love the Kong (as I blogged about recently), but I know that they eat it and all the stuff inside it in about an hour. Also, it can be somewhat time consuming to fill it up good in the morning when time is at a premium (since I like to sleep in until the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT).

Well, I’ve found a solution. Ever since we’ve been giving the pugs these “Dingo Wag’n Wraps”, they haven’t chewed up any furniture or baseboards in the house in about a month! Granted this also coincides with our liberal sprinkling of cayenne pepper all over their favorite chewing spots. AND we’ve been really trying to take them on a long walk every day. But all of this combined seems to be really working!

If you haven’t tried these Dingo things…give them a try for your dogs. They are premium rawhide stuffed with real meat….according to the package they are “healthy and fun to chew”; Dingo rawhide chews help promote clean teeth and gums. A package of 8 costs about $7 (Wal-Mart or Target) and that lasts us a week (one a day). Normally I only give them one a day and let them fight it out for the Dingo, but today I was feeling generous and gave them each a Dingo.

Here are a few fun photos I snapped as I was walking out the door. See, they’re bothing chewing on them, here, except Ruki is sneaking looks over at Poley’s.


Here’s the photo of Ruki stealing’ Po-Po’s Dingo. I love the body language of Poley in this photo. He’s like…looking down at his empty paws…What? Where did my Dingo go!?


For this last photo, I intervened and made sure they each had one…I don’t know how long that lasted, though.


I’m sure they were back to stealing and wreastling once I left the house. However, it doesn’t really matter to me…as long as they stop chewing everything!

What treats do you give your dogs?


~ by Nevis on February 23, 2009.

14 Responses to “My Pugs Ate A Dingo!”

  1. #1- love the new harnesses!!!

    #2 – the picture of Poley looking at his treat-less hands is HILARIOSU!

  2. I am pretty close to terrified of leaving the pugs with long-lasting treats while I’m gone. I just go ahead and assume that they will fight to the death over them and I won’t be there to break it up. I give them a quick treat when I leave in the morning (they actually look forward to me leaving cause they know they’re going to get a cookie), but I only leave them with a kong or something similar if I had to leave one and not the other (like when I take Clem to work I leave Winston with his stuffed kong).
    Glad to hear it’s helping over there, though – your two must be less cut-throat than mine.

  3. That is a pretty funny picture of Poley . . . poor guy!

    I am pretty good at home — I usually sleep all day. If I chew anything, it’ll be the rawhide sticks my parents buy for me.

  4. I am glad to hear about the Dingo things. Pugsley loves rawhide type treats. I will have to get him some to try. Just this weekend I bought him a new toy online called Tug-a-jug . It looked cool, so I hope Pugsley thinks it’s cool:)

  5. OMG Poley is so cute in the photo with the stolen bone!!!!
    Vinny LOVES the mini dingo bones! That’s all he’ll chew!

  6. I think our guys’ favorite treats are fish skins. They smell terrible but the dogs love them!

  7. I like spraying vinegar on things! Gus has stopped the random acts of destruction.. thank god. but it took awhile. The walks help a lot! Also with him we found 2 courses of puppy school did wonders!
    I don’t like to leave them things like that since I am my mother’s daughter and would sit at work with visions of them choking.
    I like the to give them bully sticks.. all natural bull p*nis. lol

  8. Cute pictures! I am also too paranoid to leave Clover with any chewy things when we leave the house. She goes into her “exercise pen,” jumps right into her bed and then we put a few little cookies in there, and leave. We hear her jump out and eat them, then jump back into her bed before we leave. Haha…

  9. Fuji doesn’t chew on anyting, she just sleeps. I am terrified of rawhide anything since one time I gave her a chewstick and she swallowed it whole. Had to pull it out from her throat, looked like a cigar just barely sticking out of her mouth and I was right here when it happened, thank goodness. Just milk bones and cookies for my dogs from now on.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is great!!
    I’ll have to take a look for the Dingo treats! My dog, Otis, is a Boston who love to chew. He’s chewing a Moo bully bone as we speak!!

  11. Those dingos look yummy but beware! We’re heard that a dingo ate someone’s baby.

    On while we’re on the subject of eating, we love our rawhides.

  12. The pics are precious.

  13. Too cute! I am one of those paranoid pug mamas who doesn’t leave any treats for mine when I am gone. I do give them a quick tiny treat on the way out the door but don’t leave them anything. Oscar is a mega-chewer, and greedy, so he chews things super fast and then swallows the last big piece in one gulp. We have had some close calls, so no chewies for him. We do bully sticks on occasion, when I am home to keep an eye on them. But so glad the Dingos are working well for you guys!

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