Guess who got new harnesses?

Napoleon & Rukia did!!!  We’ve officially joined the Puppia Harness cult that all of the other pug owners are apart of. Hooray!


Sorry, they were so squirmy after their first walk, they wouldn’t really sit still for the photos. But here’s the best we got.


Then we took a photo. We’re such total camera hams!



~ by Nevis on February 19, 2009.

19 Responses to “Guess who got new harnesses?”

  1. they look cute in their puppia harnesses! I love pink on Rukia. I want a black pug girl to dress her up in beautiful pink dresses! of course, i also want her to give Coco company. 😛

  2. Hi allison!
    oh I love the harnesses!
    That picture of you and terry is great!

  3. Momma has been wanting one of these for me! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of them!

  4. Hi Allison-

    Pugsley and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Napoleon and Rukia are are just the cutest!! Love the new harnesses:) Pugsley does not have one yet, but I am sure we will have to join the Puppia Harness cult too.

    I love your scrapbooking!! I love to scrapbook when I get the time. I am glad to find a fellow Pug mom/scrapbooker.
    Stop by and read about Pugsley sometime:)

    Heather & Pugsley

  5. Mommy reads alot about the Puppia harnesses — are really all that?!

    I just have a plain ‘ole Petco harness, which works fine but does not do justice to my fine self. Please convince my parents to buy me stylin Puppia one!!

  6. Bitsey and Rukia must have their pictures made in their matching halters! I really like Nappy’s too. It’s about time for a new one for Eli- maybe we will go black!

  7. hahaha – I love the picture of them with Terry – so classic. I may have to join that cult soon. The pugs have recently porked their way out of fitting in to their old lupine like harnesses.

  8. My guess was Terry – I guessed wrong.

  9. We tried a car harness on Tucker once when he was much younger, and he wiggled and squirmed so much that he ended up hanging by the harness upside-down in the back seat!

  10. What a gorgeous picture of you and Terry!!!

    Love those poochies! Happy Friday girl and enjoy date night!

  11. I am partial to the pink too since my Fuji is a little girl. She currently wears a leopard print harness with matching leash. Do those come in prints??

  12. aww they are so cute! So are you two! lol
    Gus needs a new harness too.. 🙂

  13. Hi guys- it is me Pyrite– I so would have sent my Puppia– my peeps make me wear it but I like to be naked!!!

    Snarfs to you both!!

  14. Oooh, those harnesses are da bomb! And we think that picture of you and Terry is way cute.

  15. What size did you get for Rukia? It’s time for us to get one for Zoe, but I’m not sure about the size. They look so cute in their harnesses!

  16. hi allison!
    oh my goodness! you should totally take that class! 🙂

  17. The harnesses are adorable. Ya’ll look so cute in that pic! LOL to James’ comment.

  18. what size is your larger, fawn pug wearing?
    and how much does she/he weigh, and age?

    I really want to get one for my Beans, she is 19lbs, 21 at her ribs, 20 at her biggest around the breast(in front of the front paws), and 14in at her actual neck. she is 16in length. an insight you may hve would be wonderful!! she is 3-4 years (not sure as I rescued her).

    and your puggies are definitely extra cute!

  19. The (larger) Fawn pug is wearing a large. When you buy Puppia harnesses they’ve got a measuring system you can use!

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