My Three Fav Things Today

1. Peticure.

Have you seen the infomercial for this on TV? Well, I have. And I seriously wondered if if they were drugging the dogs in the video because they were just lying their passively while their owners standed their nails with…what basically looked like a toned-down version of a dremel tool. And we HAVE a dremel tool. We tried it on the pugs. They HATED it and it didn’t even work very well because the pugs were squirming and whining so much you couldn’t do it for long. But we really need a solution because Rukia in particular was starting to have a frightening resemblence to a Raptor from Jurassic Park.


Anways, to make a long story short, we purchased one of these beauties at PetCo on Saturday and my life was irrovcablly changed. Napoleon FELL ASLEEP while Terry used it on him and Baby girl just layed their happily. Of course I fed them a few peices of ham while we did it, but still, the whole process was a triumph…the product is totally worth its $20 pricetag.

2. BAND-AID’s.

In previous post I talked about my new Rachel Ray knives. Well, I can vouch for it. They’re sharp. I made my usual sunday morning pancakes this morning, with bacon. (I crumble up back IN the pancake batter…YUM!) And there were a few left over silver-dollar size pancakes. I was cutting them up for the dogs when all of a sudden I CUT my thumb. Yikes! Mom, if you’re reading this – don’t worry, I didn’t slice my thumb off or anything. Just cut into the tip of my finger – something we’ve all done. Whew, Terry flew into the kitchen at the sound of my yelps, armed with BAND-AID’s and he patched me up like a pro. I’ve now got three various BAND-AID’s on my thumb in order to cover it tightly. Why don’t they make a BAND-AID that will actually cover a thumb?

3. United States of Tara.

And lastly, watched the first episode of the United States of Tara, a new TV show on Showtime. And it was really great…! I’m totally looking forward to seeing where this show is going. Anyone else watching it?

Oh, and I created this scrapbooking layout on Sunday…!





~ by Nevis on February 1, 2009.

17 Responses to “My Three Fav Things Today”

  1. Yikes! Glad your thumb is somewhat intact!! We are in the market for new knives so should check those out. Also glad the new pedicure tool works for the pups!!

  2. “‘Tis but a scratch!”

  3. Okay, I might need to try that Peticure thing!!!

    I love the new scrapbook page! The textures give it so much depth! You are a LOT better at scrapbooking than my Momma… but don’t tell her I said that…

  4. Is it the tool they advertise on TV? Pedipaws I think?? My pug’s nails can cut glass and diamonds! Her nails are also registered at the Police Dept as lethal weapons. Hope your thumb is better. I love a good sharp knife just have to very careful.

  5. Hi Allison

    Well I’m happy to hear that you thumb is okay, funny they say you are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife, well I guess your are living proof that you can get cut with a sharp knife.

    Happy the new Pedicure thing works I have seen the commercials on TV for it and thought it was not going to be any good, so it is nice to hear it works well.

    Love MOM

  6. OMG tell me about it!! We recieved new knives last year for chirstmas and I swear I have never cut myself that many times with a knife before! They are so sharp that I didn’t feel the blade cutting me untill I started bleeding, or that one time I actually watched myself saw through my thumb with a bread knife. Ugh.. yea it was as pretty as it sounds!! ‘shudder’

    I really really really want a pedipaws for Indy. The last time I held her at the groomers she pooped on the floor and left my arm bruised and bleeding from wrist to elbow. It was awful plus she screamed, the girls tehre could not believe the sounds she made! Now they strap her on the table. Sigh so I totally empathize with the raptor pugs.

    I haven’t seen that show.. not sure if I need any more shows on my extensive list!! lol

    Love the scrapbook page!! Did you use a punch for that eyelet edging??

  7. Momloves her nail grinder. She says she is so much more relaxed doing our nails than clipping. And if she is more relaxed, then we are as well.
    Ow with the knives. You won’t even feel being cut with a good sharp knife. So be careful! And glad you didn’t cut off anything you needed.


  8. OH NO…we’re glad that Terry patched you up after your knife mishap! Mom hacked the end of her thumb off when she was in Culinary School and said that one slip like that is the best way to learn proper knife skills! (HAHAHA).

    YES…we remember you telling us that Terry teaches 4th grade. Mom said to pass along a big hug and “THANK YOU” to him…then mumbled something about not enough alchohol in the universe…(hahaha).

    Happy Tuesday!


  9. SO excited to hear this about the pedipaws thing! It’s like Crocodile Hunter in here when it’s time to clip their nails.

  10. Oooh I wondered if that peticure worked. Mandy and Tuffy would never sit still for it, I know.
    It must be time for cutting fingers. I cut my thumb a week ago washing dishes. It healed quick but for a while, it was bad.
    Cute lay out.

  11. US OF TARA!!! OMG!! The best show on TV since Six Feet Under!! I’m freakishly obsessed with it! Am I using too many exclamation marks?!


  12. Oh we are totally buying the pedipaws. I clip the cats nails and they tolerate it. We used the dremel on Magda and she was okay but it is too hard to get BF to dig it out and do her nails. I hate having the scratches all over my hands from her nails digging into me.

    That scrapbook page is amazing. Great job!

  13. I’ve thought about the peticure thing but hubbie keeps saying, “We have a Dremel, we’ll just use that.” But I was a bit nervous to try that. But I’m so going to buy the Peticure now.

    Oooh, poor thumb. I sliced my thumb a couple of years ago on a can lid and it made feel quite sick. I had to lie down after I did it! (okay maybe it was just an excuse for a nap – hee)

  14. P.S. I left you an award on my blog. =)

  15. Glad your thumb is OK! Love the visual of the pugs as raptors!!!!! have a great rest of week!

  16. Your like the Scrapbooking queen! You know if you wanted to work for me you totally could! It’d be so great you’d be my first human employee! WOOT! Also, I EAT BANDAIDS FOR BREAKFAST! My Mommy has stopped buying them, she doesn’t even know how I was getting them. She would just she one sticking up out of my poo…
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  17. […] Things I Love About You” and then, of course, list the three reasons. This layout and a previously posted Christmas layout…were both accepted into Basic Grey’s (the paper manufacturer) online Gallery. I’m […]

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