Belated Christmas Cheer!

I know it’s like…almost Valentines Day, but I finally figured out what I wanted from (where part of my Mother’s wonderful Christmas gifts came from) and it arrived a few days ago. I got two awesome saute pans by Rachel Ray and a set of knives in a block – they’re sooo cool! I’ve never had a block of nice knives before.

Previously I was doing all my cutting with either a $3 serrated steak knife from Target (part of a set that I seem to have lost all but one) or a 12″ $100 Wusthof Trident chef’s knife.  I really needed a set of knives. The saute pans are great too. I’ve only used them once so far, but I was impressed with the searing of my meat and they cleaned up like a dream. Thanks, Mom!

camera-caseAlso, Terry got me a camera case off Etsy. I carry around my lovely Sony CyberShot digital camera with me everywhere, at all times, just in case something photographic happens (i.e. life happens!) And it is usually just tossing around in one of the pockets or compartments in my purse. I had been eying Liz’s gorgeous handmade sleeves for digital cameras and she made one right to size for my blue camera. Isn’t it gorgeous? Thanks for making it, Liz, and thanks to Terry for buying it!

And lastly, here’s a few photos…….Here I am…Terry took this of me while I was watching Barefoot Contessa and drinking my coffee on Saturday morning. Please, ignore the bed-head; I was barely awake.


And this photo was actually not posed. We were watching TV and Terry was holding Poley…they were both super sleepy and this photo ensued. I’ve come to realize the best time to photograph dogs and people is when they’re half asleep.  


And lastly, this photo was completely posed. It’s a rare two-headed pug. Twice the food, half the farts!



~ by Nevis on January 29, 2009.

13 Responses to “Belated Christmas Cheer!”

  1. your pugs are super cute!

  2. What a super-awesome picture of Terry and Poley! That just warms the heart . . .

    Wonder if there is something in the water there that breeds two-headed pugs . . .

    You got some pretty nifty Christmas gifts!

  3. OMD! My Mommy is IN LOVE with that camera case! Those work out balls are just 2lb weights. They came with a instructional DVD at best buy for $12.99! Mommy uses them 5 times a week & loves it! She seen results so fast! She follows a 3 day rotation(work out 3 days straight, rest 1 day) She plans on getting another one of there programs. I hope that what you meant by how do they work!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. hi allison!
    what a great post! i love your gifts! Liz’s camera cases are the coolest and your family pics made my whole day!
    m & e

  5. I LOVE that picture of Terry and Poley! I am so jealous of your nice knives! That is one thing I have always wanted to have. What a great gift from your Mom!

  6. LOVE the Poley/Terry lovefest pic. Sooo sweet! And…get married. Then you get to register for gifts. And then you get grown up knives and cookware and it is wonderful. Before we got married we were using knives we’d “borrowed” from Outback steakhouse.

  7. Great choices from Amazon. I’m convinced that you can nearly purchased everything from there. lol!

    Lovin’ the new camera case.

  8. What nice gifts!

    And the picture of Terry and Poley is adorable. The half the farts appeal of the two headed pug is tempting but then I’m thinking there would also be double the snoring and stinky pug face washing to do.

  9. I think I have the same one knife from Target, the others disappeared. I like a great knife for cooking. I want some of Rachel’s cookware and Paula Deen’s as well. I also want the Kenmore Elite range on Rachel’s show. Love the pug shots as well, they are so very cute. But I have never seen a bad pic of a pug! Love ’em all! Have a fun-filled week-end.

  10. Great pictures!

  11. Oh my, I LOVE the picture of Terry and Poley!!!

  12. I couldn’t have lived this last ten years of marriage without my knife block but it is not this nice!
    That pic of Terry and Poley is beyond adorable.

  13. I am finally reading this!! I can keep up with your posts on my phone but not comment…:( and my computer time is somewhat limited these days, I’m sure you understand! Thanks for the camera case plug! I looove the pic of Terry and Poley too! So adorable!

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