Scrapping, Pug Dynamics & Lamb chops

poley1Hello everyone! What’s shakin Canadian Bacons? Well, I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been doing a lot of womans-work (insert sarcastic sneer here) around the house. Like cleaning and laundry. I always resist and wait until it really piles up and one of my new years resolutions was to get out of that habit. So far I’ve been fabulous about cleaning the kitchen and all that. I’m working on the laundry part.

This past friday we went to Chili’s on our friday night date, which totally made me CRAZY happy as I love that place and we rarely go for some reason. YUM! I always order their chicken fingers…they’re beer battered and taste soooo good! This weekend was pretty tame. We watched “Pineapple Express”…which I thought was just eh. I don’t know, maybe it would’ve been funnier if I was a pot-head? I was actually a little dissapointed because a few good friends of mine had been telling me how funny it was?

I also scrapbooked Saturday morning, which felt great because I haven’t scrapped in a while. Here is the layout I created as part of a challenge at Paper Popsicles. I was challenged to use the word “Bizarre” in the title, the color orange, and bling. Make note of this…I did use the word Bizarre in the title, however, after gluing everything down with crazy glue…I realized that I spelled Bizarre wrong. Oh well! And I’m totally not much of a bling person, I don’t even have much…so there is just one spot of bling, and that’s the dot of the “i” in Bizarre:


Also this weekend we snagged a few awesome photos of the puggies while they were sleeping. I think they perfectly explain, without words, the interpersonal pug dynamics between the Napoleon & Ruki. Hmm. Which one do you think is Alpha? (And no, she’s not humping him. She was sleeping on top of him. I think probally because he’s warm).


And here’s a close up of baby girl…aww…look at her? Would you have any idea that she’s pure mischievousness by looking at that sweet, angelic face?


And another. OMG,  how precious is she? I love her little yawns!


And look at my sleepy-bear Po-Po. And in this picture you can see my favorite feature of him. His lamb chops. I don’t know what they’re technically called. But I call them lamb chops.


See. Lamb chops. I love to put my finger under them and flap them. Okay, I obviously have issues, but isn’t he a cutie?



~ by Nevis on January 26, 2009.

25 Responses to “Scrapping, Pug Dynamics & Lamb chops”

  1. hi allison!
    what a great post! i love your scrapbooking page and I can never get enough of your puggies!
    squeeze the cutie patooties for me!

  2. Haha, I am a lover of the lamb chops too – they seem more tempting to mess with on the fawns than the blacks. I love the first picture of the two of them – so great.

  3. I love those pics! My Mommy loves my floppy ears! She flaps them all the time!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. I love your photos (and the bizarre scrapbook page was great). I have photos of Roxy sleeping on top of Lucky. Lucky doesn’t seem to mind. But whenever Roxy tries to steal some of Lucky’s food, look out!

    Roxy’s mom

  5. Oh, I love the babies!! Too cute! I love the ‘lambchops’ as well and I totally do the same thing with flapping them….LOL – we call them jowls in our house.. (and her lambchops are her chunky back legs which I threaten to eat all the time!!!). Us pug owners need help 😉

  6. Suuuuch cute puggie pics! Makes me miss my camera even more. Sigh. So bummed you weren’t bowled over by Pineapple Express! Maybe I should have watched it with you. I’m still laughing about it! And I’m no pot head!

  7. lol…great pics. I love your layout!

  8. They’re both adorable!

  9. Oh my goodness, those pug pictures are precious!

  10. Those are really cute pictures! Gus and Indy sleep like that at night except it is Gus laying ontop of Indy.
    Are those jowls?? I know exactly what you mean though 🙂 too cute!

    Love the page!

  11. What awesome pics of your kids — they are so photogenic and adorable! Mommy likes Chili’s also, but alas, the only chain restaurants here are McDonald’s and Taco Time (a fast food taco place).

  12. Good for you keeping up with your “woman’s work”. I wish I could. Adorable pics. I love Ruki’s expression in that first one.
    Cute scrapping!

  13. Your two puggies are too cute for words. I love the red couch as the background. It brings vibrancy and life to the pictures!


  14. Oh my gosh. This post cracked me up. I love the “bizarre” themed page.

    Your puggies are adorable. And I loved how you made a notation of where the lamb chops were found.

  15. If you ask me, your bizarre theme page is actually enhanced by the spelling you used. It’s fitting somehow.

    And your puggie pictures are ever so cute!

  16. Yep, we call them jowls down here in the south. My Fuji has them too. The pugs are so cute. Gotta love that pug face, jowls and all?

  17. what cute puggies! yes, we love the rubber lips too.

  18. Those pictures of the pugs are so cute. It is amazing how they can look adorable when the camera comes out but when you want to catch them they run or those little ‘bad’ things they get into.

  19. The yawn got me. It’s catching 🙂

  20. What sweet pictures of your babies!!!

    I love Chili’s too!!! That sounds SO good right about now!

  21. Hahahaha lamb chops! I want a pug so bad!

  22. I too have lamb chops, and Ruki is the cutest little thing ever born. Woman also lets everything get completely out of control before cleaning up – laundry, dishes, garbage, etc. Don’t sweat it.

  23. […] Napoleon looking SO adorably sleepy with his lambchops flopping in the wind. I LOVE HIS LAMB CHOPS! IN case you don’t know what lamb chops are in my world-definition, see this post. […]

  24. […] has the patience of a zen master for letting photo him. And, I LOVE his lambchops. In case you need further examples of my obsession with his lambchops (i.e. flapjacks, jowls, […]

  25. OMG My black pug looks INDENTICAL to yours! Sooo cute!

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