Poley on the Mend!

allbetterAs an update…when I got home last night, Poley was already looking much better. The swelling was gone and most of the reddness cleared up. After lots of snuggles and sleeping, this morning he woke up and seems perfectly back to normal. It must have just been a mild allergic reaction…possibly a bug bite or maybe the almonds from what he got out of the trash. Nevertheless, thanks to everyone for your love, thoughts and suggestions! You guys are a great support system!!

In other GREAT news…I got a promotion at work! Woohoo! I’m very excited about it. I really wanted it and I’m glad I got it. I know I can do it and I’m really looking forward to digging into my new duties and showing them they were right for promoting me and giving me additional responsibilities.

ALSO, I’ve been challenging myself when grocery shopping to really save money…and last week…get this…I got TWO weeks worth of dinners (and some snacks) for $100 -! Can  you believe that? And no, I didn’t use any coupons. I just bought stuff that was on sale, purchased less expensive cuts of meat, and made less expensive choices (cheaper to buy frozen bags of veggies as opposed to fresh). They’re also food I can get on the table in about 30 minutes!

Here’s our Menu for two weeks:

First week:
M: Steak kebobs w/ loaded baked potato
T: Chicken fried steak w/ gravy, mashed potoat & lima beans
W: Beef Fajitas
Th: Baked Tortillini Pasta
F: (Friday Night Date-night…dinner out)
S: Arroz con Pollo (Chicken w/ rice)
S: Fettuchini pasta w/ creamy fontina cheese & sausage

Second Week:
M: Stuffed Bell Peppers
T: Frito Pie (i.e. Taco Joes)
W: Homemade Pizza
Th: Macaroni & cheese
F: (Friday Night Date-night…dinner out)
S: Baked Tortillini Pasta
S: Terryaki Chicken Satay

Cool, huh?


~ by Nevis on January 14, 2009.

24 Responses to “Poley on the Mend!”

  1. My Mommy wishes her & Daddy had their dinners planned out. Maybe they should start! Glad Poley is doing better!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. I’m glad Poley’s looking better! Hugs!

  3. Wow…that is really amazing. I can go to the grocery store just to get what I need that night and spend nearly $100….no kidding. I went on Sunday and bought three nights of food for $165. Yikes!! And I use coupons!! Oh well….
    Maybe you can share some of the really good recipes for some of those dinners?!? I need to learn to cook cheaper.

  4. Awesome.

    Maegan and I were just talking about how we should plan meals out day by day so we shop right and save money.

  5. SO glad to hear this news about Poley!!

  6. I’m so happy that Poley is doing so well! Kiss his cute little face for me!

    And I wish you were in charge of our dinners, too. Planning AND cooking! (How do you feel about that idea?) But you have made me feel rather inspired to try harder though.

  7. Oh, I also want to say big congratulations on your work promotion!!!!! Great news!

  8. We are sure glad that Poley is all better – it is scary when someone that you love is sick!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  9. Wow! you really are organized! I usually have no idea what I will eat later, or the next day, etc.
    Part of the problem was that hubby would sometimes eat with me, sometimes with his mother… he had two HOMES but this new year started with his mother finally moving to NC with her daughter so now I can start thinking and planning our lives together… YAYY!!

  10. Oh I forgot… congratulations on your promotion! Kisses to Poley, I am glad it went away, whatever that was!

  11. Congrats on the promotion! We are glad Poley is feeling better!

  12. hi allison!
    what great news! i am so glad poley is all better and congrats on your promotion!
    i am very excited for you!
    🙂 melissa

  13. That menu – that is why Napolean and Rukia has a daddy and I don’t. My mom needs to learn how to plan the meals and cook more than once in a blue moon. Someone please teach her! I needs a daddy!

  14. Oh – and Congratulations! I dunno what a promotion is but Mom says it’s a great thing!

  15. Snort!!! No, is not a banana. But I do likes bananas! Is my candy cane chew chew I gots from Santa Paws!

  16. We are so happy to hear that Poley is doing better. Good job on the groceries, but mom would rather have fresh vegies than frozen.


  17. Glad Poley is better! Way to go on the discount suppers!! Also love that your meals are planned— that is something I would love to start doing!

  18. Glad to hear Poley is doing better, and congrats on your promotion! That’s awesome news! 🙂

  19. So glad Poely is doing better! The poor guy.

    That is pretty good.. all that food for under 100$! We will usually buy big packages of meats from Costco and freeze it in meal size baggies, we buy the veggies fresh as well everything else needed. :p so it does add up quickly!

  20. Sooo glad Poley is better and back to his cute self.
    Congrats on your promotion….I see why they gave it to you. Your attitude toward work is great!
    OK, your meals sound wonderful!!!! I have got to get better at this. You shamed me into it even if you didn’t realize it. 😀

  21. wow! what a great post! so much good news :o)
    huge congrats on the promotion!! way to go! so glad poley is feeling and looking better. and you go on the grocery shopping! that’s really good, and what time is dinner…i am on the way! that menu looks yummy!

  22. Thanks for dropping by by poor little blog. So glad Poley is better. My pug,Fuji, kinda smells like that at times. She hates for her wrinkle to be cleaned and nails to be clipped. It’s like wrestling and fighting with a grizzly!! Congrats on your promotion,too! I am coming for dinner! Sounds yummy!!

  23. So glad Poley is feeling better! I can’t believe you plan meals that far in advance. We usually don’t know what we’re eating until that night when the People dig through the cupboards looking for anything edible!!

  24. That’s seriously organised food planning.

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