My poor baby!

dsc01196I came home from work last night and when I bent over to greet my babies…Poleys face didn’t look quite right. I wasn’t sure what it was, but the house was dark, so by the time I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen and turn the lights on, and looked down at Poley…well, this is what I saw. I’m not sure if you can tell in the photo, but the skin folds under his eyes…they’re like…swollen. And red. Inflamed. He wasn’t acting weird, his breathing wasn’t labored or anything…it was just like he had a rash on his face.

Here’s another photo of him. dsc01194Aww…poor baby, he looks so sad in this photo! But I think I just caught him with his eyes shut and it makes him look like he’s crying. Although he kept trying to scratch his face with his paws.

Well, at first I wanted to panic but we exhaustively searched the internet and we believe that one of either four things happened:

1. Some sort of bug bit him on the face, like an ant or something, and he’s having an allergic reaction. He was inside all day, so that somewhat limits what sort of critter could have bit him.

2. He got into the trash and ate a Kashi Bar that Terry had tossed…and it had about 5-6 whole almonds in it. Maybe he is allergic to almonds and this is an allergic reaction?

3. We recently switched over to a new  brand of bitter spray to spray on the sides of the furniture so that Poley stops chewing on things…he could have an allergic reaction to it…however, it’s been a week or so since we switched…so this seems unlikely.

4. And lastly, there could be an infection in his face folds. I really don’t think this could be it because I keep his face folds pretty clean and his face isn’t as smooshed as Rukis and never smells. (Her face sometimes smells like bad cheese…or really good stinky cheese, I suppose…nevertheless, I have to be very vigilant cleaning her face).

Anyways, we are going to try some liquid baby benadryl (recommended on most of the blogs and website we found) and if this solves things, then we know it was just a mild allergic reaction to something. If it doesn’t do much, then we’ll take him into the vet.

Has anyone else had anything similar with their pugs?

…And everyone…please keep Poley in your thoughts & prayers!


~ by Nevis on January 13, 2009.

20 Responses to “My poor baby!”

  1. Sweet Poley boy! I am worried about you! I think the Benadryl will help clear up whatever it is, and you’ll be back to normal. Please keep us updated!

  2. Poor Poley! Can I put him on the goodvibes list? I will be snuggling for him!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. Oh the poor thing! He does look so sad and so very swollen. I hope it goes away!

  4. Hi! Poor little Poley! I am worried about him, are his eyes OK? maybe it doesn’t make sense, but I think some eye glands are in that area. Give him some kisses from me, please!

  5. Poor boy – he looks miserable! This is one ailment we haven’t had. I hope he feels better and doesn’t have to go see Dr. Jere!

  6. Poor Napoleon!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  7. Poor Poley! If it is an allergic reaction, Benadryl should help. Jasmine once had an allergic reaction (we think she sniffed the Yankee Candles that we had just bought…sniffed real hard) and her whole face swelled up. We gave her one Benadryl tablet and within an hour the swelling went away. Bernice and Ernie both had similar allergic reactions to their vaccines. Again Benadryl helped. I hope the Benadryl helps Poley too!
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  8. I have heard that dogs have bad reactions to pretty much any kind of nut….so if the reality is option # 2, then that may be what’s going on. If benadryl doesn’t work within a few hours, I would resort to the peroxide-induced vomiting or if you’re not comfortable with that, then definitely the vet. We’re thinking and praying for him!

  9. *Channeling Dizzy from Gears 2*

    “What’s wrong with you? Git up! Be a man!”

    Seriously… I hope it’s not serious and that he looks and feels better soon.

  10. Poor Poley. We have never had anything like that happen to us. We are boring in some ways. We hope you figure out what it is.


  11. oh poor poley!
    i hope he is feeling all better right away!
    i will check back tonight to see how he is feeling! i am thinking of you!

  12. Poor baby!!! Ok, so Kiki has the same problem. Her face smells kinda funky sometimes. Our vet has us use Stridex pads on her folds & wrinkles pretty regularly. It helps. Apparently she can get yeasty in there. Hope this helps!

  13. Bennie (our pug) did have an allergic problem once that we took him to the vet for. He suddenly had noticeably red skin on his hind quarters. You could even see it was red through his fur! The vet’s theory was that he had been bitten by a bug, and he told us that pugs are very prone to allergic reactions. Bennie was given a shot to reduce the reaction, and that worked. Our vet also suggested a wee dose of Benadryl, so that could possibly help Poley. Poor little guy, I hope he’s doing better. So good luck with him!

  14. Just wanted to add that I like the liquid Benadryl best because you can really tailor the dose to just a little bit. (FYI: pugs do NOT like the liquid Benadryl best!)

  15. Aw, hope he feels better soon.

  16. Poor sweet Poley! I hope he’s feeling better today!

  17. Poor Poley. I hope the baby benadryl helps.

  18. Oh no! We hope Poley is going better today!!!

    Keep us posted!

  19. DOING…(not going!)



  20. We have had experience with allergic reactions too. Maggie got stung by something outside (we think) and her face swelled up like that, but was back to normal within a couple days. It scared the crap out of us though.

    Napoleon also had a reaction when he accidentally ate a raisin I dropped on the floor and he got hives all over his body. We actually had to get a steroid shot to fix him up because Benedryl wasn’t touching it.

    Anyway, glad to hear that your Poley is doing much better!

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