The Kong Show

Does everyone have these? It’s like this rubber toy with a well in the bottom where you stick treats, cheese or peanut butter, whatever. According to their website, a stuffed Kong is recommended therapy for prevention and alleviation of bordom for dogs as well as seperation anxiety. A stuffed Kong will keep dogs busy and content while home alone.

We tried buying a kong for the Poley back when we first got him, about a year ago, and neither of the pugs seemed to care about it. They would lick it a few times, and then give up. Well, we decided to try it again the other day and the two of them went NUTS over it.

So now in the morning, I get the Kong out of the frig (they like it cold) and stuff it with something handy, usually peanut butter, then I toss it to the dogs as I leave in the morning. Trust me, they don’t even notice me slipping out anymore. What a fabulous invention! Does everyone else use these?


~ by Nevis on January 6, 2009.

20 Responses to “The Kong Show”

  1. My Mommy gives me one when she leaves, it has been helping with my separation anxiety. I love it!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Pearl has the medium-sized red Kong, and LOVES it! I have never tried peanut butter… great idea!

  3. I did try this when Henri was little, but he didn’t care about it. Maybe I should try it again!

  4. Emmitt never played with kongs much either, but i did not put pb in it. that is a good idea!
    🙂 m

  5. Yes! Lucy Dog has one of these.

    That graph is REALLY elaborate though. I usually just do PB and some crushed up dog treats. Crunchy PB makes her happy.

  6. You also can soak dry dog food in water until it is mush, stuff the Kong with the mush, and then freeze the whole thing.

  7. I only use mine in that fashion when I have to leave one of the dogs alone – so when I take Clementine to work and leave Winston alone or vice versa I’ll put a kong meal together for whoever gets left at home so they don’t get so anxious when I leave with the other dog. . The reason is because I’m pretty sure whichever of them finishes their own kong first will get nasty and start fighting over the other one – I’ve seen it happen while I’ve been home so I know it would happen when I wasn’t there.
    But they definitely do keep them occupied. I used to leave one in Winston’s crate with him filled with cheerios and topped off with peanut butter when he still had to stay in his crate during the day.
    Did you know they’re dishwasher safe??? For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to clean them until someone told me that.

  8. We had one when Chloe (our poodle) was a puppy and she didn’t care anything about it. I want to try it with Tuffy and Mandy.

  9. Hmmm we have a couple kongs around here. Must find them and re-introduce to the pug crowd.

  10. We use them, but Trixie tends to steal them and hide them outside (as documented in the “Raiders of the Lost Kong” series).

  11. Wow… is it bad that I have one of these for my dog, but I had NO idea that you’re supposed to put food inside it?! I just thought it was a big, tough chew toy! I’ve learned something new!

  12. They are dishwasher safe????? Awesome!
    My guys love them, Indy will lay there and hold with her paws to get the peanut butter kong filling out. Gus doesn’t quite get it and will just follow the kong around as he licks it. They don’t fight over it but they usually end up each others. They get it when I am home but busy – I don’t trust them to stay off the couch with it while I am gone.

    And the kong peanut butter filling gives Gus wicked toxic gas.. thought I would share.. lol

  13. I have never had a Kong. Woman needs to buy me one of those!

  14. That diagram is turning me on. I love the KONG.

    By the way, I’ve added your blog link to my “Admirers” list on my blog. Hope it gets you lots of clicks!

    Please post more food diagrams!

    Love, Bisket

  15. we’ve got one of those! maui LOVES it. we usually stuff it with her favorite “num nums” … and you’re right… they don’t even realize you’ve left a room! HAHA.

    i give it 5 stars for sure! 🙂

    -sarah (and maui.)

  16. what a nice treat!

  17. Ok, I guess we need to follow that diagram and put more stuff in it. Mom just put a glob of peanut butter in it and it would get stuck way inside and then she used lots of bad words when she’d have to clean it out.

    I didn’t care much for it before…but maybe this new and improved way will do something for me!



  18. My mom won’t buy me the kong cause she says it’s stinky. Does the stinky go away? Mom apparently hates the smell of rubber.

  19. We got Napoleon a kong when he was an only pug and he loved it. Just be careful tossing it around when you have peanut butter in it, because he ended up with a hallway splattered with peanut butter!

  20. […] teeth, something thats tasty to them, affordable and easy. I love the Kong (as I blogged about recently), but I know that they eat it and all the stuff inside it in about an hour. Also, it can be […]

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