Christmas Re-cap…

Time goes faster when you’re on Holiday, of that I am convinced.

I can’t believe it’s January 2nd, that the Holidays are all over, done, that we’re taking our decorations down, old stale cookies are being tossed, resolutions being made, new calenders being put up, etc. Where has the time gone? December was but a blur and January is here already.

And I have barely posted here lately. Sorry about that, folks. Life has been hectic at many people out on vacation and since I’d used up all my time off, so that meant I was here almost over the entire Holiday with just Christmas Day and New Years Day off.

Christmas was lovely though, even though it didn’t snow. Although I’m not sure if they’ve ever had a ‘White Christmas’ here in Alabama. It was actually pretty warm over the Holiday…in the 60’s & 70’s…which reminds me of childhood Christmases in San Diego…where you’re celebrating Christmas in shorts.

iphoneSo, let’s see, what did we get for Christmas? After much pleading, I relented and surprised Terry with an iPhone for Christmas. He’s been wanting one for ages but I wanted to wait until prices had come down and I’d had a chance to research the plans and such. It actually wasn’t as expensive as I thought since we were already customers of AT&T. It’s really cool and he totally loves it.

Have you played with one of these at all? It’s got all these really cool applications…like the GPS, Scrabble, and some odd ones. Like this application that makes sounds like you’re holding a light saber. Terry assures me that this isn’t geeky or dorky at all. Hrmph.

I also got him some clothing, most notably a t-shirt with Boba Fett on it.


Also, this cool circut-board clipboard that I found on Etsy. Isn’t it cool?


Actually a lot of our Christmas gifts were from Etsy this year. Have you checked this site out? It’s so cool…like a craft fair online. Great handmade stuff at great prices. Most of my gifts from Terry came from there as well…Terry did good.

Look at this GORGEOUS necklace that he got me…the colors of Tourmaline.


And then these absoluly beautiful stacking rings; Amber, Iolite & Peridot:


And these wondergul earrings; Smoky Topaz & Peridot:


And he also took me to the mall and bought me a bunch of clothing. AND he promises to get me a new purse this weekend since my old one was ruined when we went to the AC/DC concert earlier in the month (someone idiot spilled beer ALL  over it).

THE TUDORS - Season 2

What else have we been up to? Well, watching lots of TV, I guess. We watch two seasons of “The Tudors” which I’m completely addicted to. Cannot wait for the new season to start up. In the end, I hated & loved Anne Bolyen and was almost sad when she died. If you haven’t seen the show you should definatly check it out. As they say during the opening credits, “You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends“.


Also watched a BBC show called, “Spaced” which was written and starred Simon Pegg (of “Shawn of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” fame). It was only two seasons and completely brilliant.


~ by Nevis on January 2, 2009.

12 Responses to “Christmas Re-cap…”

  1. Happy New Year Allison!

    What a wonderful and fun post! i am so glad you had such great holiday celebrations!

    melissa and emmitt

  2. your gifts to each other are awesome! that necklace is just lovely, terry did a wonderful job buying all that jewelry!
    happy new year!

  3. Happy New Years! Sounds like Terry did good! The hubby wanted a Blackberry storm but it just wasn’t happening, I will wait till I get a free upgrade on my phone.. 🙂

    Do you guys have a winners? I found they are awesome for purses and I once found a 300$ purse at Ross for 30$.. lol

  4. An iPhone, Boba Fett shirt, and printed circuit board clipboard? That all sounds perfectly normal and non-geeky to me!

    I love Simon Pegg. I’m not very happy in general with the casting of the new Star Trek movie but I think he’ll make a good Scotty.

  5. Happy New Year to all of you, people and pugs alike! I got stuck at something you said at the beginning…something about old stale cookies….we’ve never had OLD cookies! LOL Ours are always gone long before staleness can set in!

  6. Boy – you got that right! The days REALLY DO fly by when you’re on Holiday Break! Old Stale Cookies? What are those – around our house they quickly disappear I LUV COOKIES!!!!!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Joan & Skippy

  7. love your jewelry! And am having serious iPhone envy over here. Sigh.

  8. No, no xbox. We got rid of it after we bought the PS3, we just weren’t using it. So of course rockband is a ps3 game.

  9. great gifts! I totally love etsy!

  10. That iphone sounds wonderful!!! We use AT&T too. Your jewelry is beautiful!! Lucky you.

  11. All of the gifts are beautiful! And I’m totally obsessed with “The Tudors,” too. I’ve always been an Anglophile but am just addicted to that show! Can’t wait for the new season… although I’ll have to watch it at a friend’s house now; we gave up our premium channels for the moment. Stupid economy!

  12. I LOVE etsy… bought some matching mother-daughter aprons there last June… so cute!

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