Christmas Cheer

sneakpeakHere is a quick sneak peek of the photo shoot for this year’s Christmas Card.

Well, technically it isn’t a sneak peek because this isn’t cropped from the actual photo we’re using, but it’s cut from one of the outtakes. But the outtakes were so funny! And I particularly loved the annoyed look on Poley’s face here!

Well, this weekend I got everything accomplished that I set out to do, except our Christmas tree isn’t finished. Terry took it out and set it up in the family room, but we haven’t decorated it yet. Maybe tonight?


~ by Nevis on December 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Christmas Cheer”

  1. hi allison!
    great shot of poley and i love your new header art.

  2. That is a great outtake.


  3. Please post a pic of the christmas card; we want to see! 🙂 Love the holiday decorations on the blog btw; the snow is awesome!

  4. Cute Poley!!!

  5. yeah, poley looks seriously disturbed in that picture! can’t wait to see the whole card! did you get your tree done yet? i’m doing mine tonight!

  6. beautiful pic!

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