Happy Birthday, Rukia!

vougerukiToday is Rukia’s Birthday. She turns one year old! I can’t believe both my puggies are one years old now. They’re still as frisky as puppies (especially Rukia) and I just cannot imagine our life without them. They really add a special joy to my life and I’m so happy to have their little happy faces waiting at the door when I come home, to snuggle up with their warm squirmy bodies on the couch, smell their puggie smell…I just love them very much.

Oh, and speaking of Rukia…we haven’t had a “pooping incident” with Rukia in about a week (since two days before my post asking for help). Hooray!!! So I’m hoping it was just a fluke…with her getting used to having twice as much space to roam around in. Btw, everyone – thanks for all the tips and help! Totally appreciate it!

Oh, in unrelated news…I was tagged for a meme by Roxy and I kept meaning to do it and kept forgetting. But! A-ha! I remembered today. It’s called the “Sixth Folder meme” and you basically go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures, then go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture. Get it? Good, here’s my photo…it’s also fittingly of the birthday girl, Rukia!


I actually don’t even really remember taking this photo…but I’ve got a lot of photos of the pugs, so…I must have snapped this at some point. I think she’s about 6 months old in this photo; in fact, she’s not really any larger now, but she has the cutest little puggie pot belly now.

Let’s see…today is friday…and boy, I’m glad the week’s over! Tonight is our usual Friday night date-night…not sure where we’re going to dinner…maybe Pizza? I need to pick up a few things at Hobby Lobby, too. So my plans for the weekend are to (finally) decorate for Christmas, take our Christmas photo of the four of us for our Christmas Card, do a little house-cleaning, laundry and work on a project for work. Whew! Hopefully I’ve got enough time for all of it!

Happy Friday everyone!


~ by Nevis on December 12, 2008.

20 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Rukia!”

  1. happy happy birthday rukia!
    we love you!
    m & e

  2. Happy Birthday Ruki!!! I am sure that now that you are a big girl you won’t have any “accidents” inside the house.

  3. Happy Birthday Rukia!! Did you get our e-card from the Pawhaus Birthday Club? It was from Sloppy Kiss Cards.

    Hope you have a Pawsome Day!

  4. Happy Birthday Rukia!!!! I am so happy that you bring so much joy to your family! Wishing you many more years of puggy bliss!

  5. happy birthday Rukia!

  6. Happy Birthday Rukia! Wild that her birthday is the day after Kiki’s. One day we’ll have to have a huge pug play date! And I’m so glad to see someone else out there loves the puggy smell. We sure do!

  7. Whoo-hoo! Happy Birthday Rukia! May your year be filled with love, treats and lotsa belly rubs!

  8. Happy Birthday Rukia and congratulations on not going potty. You need to enjoy your living room.

  9. Happy Birthday to Rukia!! She just gets cuter and cuter!

  10. Happy Birthday Rukia!!! Have a special day for a special One Year Old!

    I think it’s sweet that you acknowledge their birthdays. We always do, too.

    And as for your list of what you hope to do…whew! It looks like a lot, so good luck to you for it!

  11. Happy Birthday, you pretty little pug! We love the 6th folder picture…you look like such a little sweetie-pie 🙂
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  12. happy birthday,Rukia! hugs from our pugs to you!

  13. Happy Birthday Ruki!!! That last picture is adorable with her smiling.

  14. Look at that smile! And that tongue!!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Rukia!!

  16. Happy birthday! Let’s be friends:


  17. Aww Happy Birthday.

    Halo will turn one next month. I feel so bad because I have not updated his blog… I mean he has not updated his blog.

  18. Happy Birthday cutie pie!

  19. Happy Birthday Rukia!
    What a great photo of you from the meme.


  20. Happy belated birthday, Rukia!

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