Calling all Pug Owners…

dsc00954I implore you for any tips, ideas, tricks, solutions, etc that may help me with a problem I’m having. You’re framiliar with Rukia, right? She also goes by the names Satan-spawn, Butt-face-Monkey-butt, Stinky-pants, Damian, or most recently, Ms. Poopie pants. Well, little baby girl has been a baaaad girl. We have recently expanded the size of the pug’s living space. Napoleon is doing perfectly (of course). But we keep finding Rukia’s poop in one corner of the room.

We’ve tried negitive reinforcement (that was wrong, I know, but you get upset and your first instinct is to yell her name, point at the poop and say No! Bad girl!). We tried positive reinforcement. We tried blocking off that corner. We sprayed the corner with those “odor destroyers” and then also used the bitter apple on the area so it wouldn’t smell like poop over there. But she keeps doing it! Does anyone have any suggestions on potty training my stubborn pug?


~ by Nevis on December 8, 2008.

17 Responses to “Calling all Pug Owners…”

  1. I wish I did. Miko does the same thing. If I don’t run downstairs in time – so also eats it.

    Yeah. Awesome sauce.

  2. Hi! Coco did the same on my previous apartment. It was disgusting, he would pee on the pad but poop on the carpet every day at 4 a.m. I tried to wake up at that time to take him out before he would poop but I got tired of that. When I moved to this apartment things changed. He holds for a longer time and waits until I take him out. I don’t know the reason. All I know is that he poops 3 times per day. If I can’t take him out at lunch I take him out twice at night on long walks until he does all the poop possible.
    Maybe she can’t hold it for so long?

  3. Okay, here’s what I did with Winston when we were training him. This is a huge pain in the butt, but I kept him with me at all times and as soon as he began the “poop circling” I ran him outside and he began to correlate that pooping is done outside. I’ve heard the key is the catch them in the act of pooping or peeing in the house and then grab them while doing it and put them in the correct location. This has worked with both Winston and Sela…Sela only peed in the house the very first day we got her. While she did I grabbed her and told her “outside” and put her there, and she’s never peed in the house since! Each pug has their own personality, though, so you may just have a stubborn little girl! 😉

  4. Hi, we have a similar problem with Ollie. He poops in the master bathroom. Yuck! We keep an eye on him when we are home and make a really big deal of going outside. Both hubby nd I get all happy and cheery and say “let’s go potty outside everybody!”. We also do what Page said, watch for the poopy dance and run him outside. Hubby will take them all out before we go to bed and walk them around the yard…singing his happy let’s go potty outside song…our neighbors must think we’re nuts!

  5. Well, the good news is you’re not alone in your situation : )
    What worked for us was taking Bennie outside A LOT, and when he did poop outside, we practically threw a party of praise and excitement. I think it also has helped in any behavior problem to walk him a lot. A tired dog is generally a better-behaved dog. But if you can catch her doing the “circle preparation” and get her outside ASAP, and then praise her to the sky, I think it’ll get through to her. A treat wouldn’t hurt, either. Try to hang in there with Ms. Poopy Pants (love the nickname!) and hopefully, she’ll decide that outside is better.

  6. Oh god. We have this problem too. I loved reading all the helpful hints. We praise her all the time when outside but she still slips the occasional poo on the floor (no rhyme nor reason as to where) when we aren’t looking.

  7. Mom says if you find an answer, she wants to know it as well. I will pee outside, but sometimes I will not poo outside but wait until I get inside. Where it is warm? Who knows. Ido. But I ain’t telling.


  8. Yeah, so like the others have said…um if you find out what works, tell us. Cause we still have occasional problems with Kiki and she’s almost 5!

  9. Ahhhh, training advice. Not my area. I’ll see if my wife has any suggestions. In the meantime, can I interest you in a picture of Dennis wearing a hat?

  10. Ok, she can’t be any more stubborn than Henri–who used to raise his leg on the coffee table and laugh at me as I would scream for him to stop…he was not fully trained till he was 3 and this is what finally worked:

    Routine and baby steps. You may need to confine her to a small space again until she gets it. She may have come too far, too fast. I literally had H. tied to me when I was home at first. If I wasn’t home, he was in a small area where I knew he would not go to the bathroom. I literally took him out every hour in the beginning. I praised and treated him anytime he would go outside. He never had a chance to go in the house. I slowly increased the time in between outside visits while continuing the praise and treats. The main trick was never giving him the opportunity to mess up. I made sure to take him out at pretty much the same times every day (and feed him at the same times) once we were going a while in between outside visits. The whole process only took a couple of weeks, maybe 3–I think he had 2 accidents but since then, he has been completely trained and is totally housebroken.

    So…in summary, I would go back to your previous arrangement just for now. I would take her out a LOT so she never has the chance to go inside and praise and treats when she does go outside. Feed her at the same times every day and take her out right after, praise and treat when she goes…Watch her like a hawk and take her out at the least sign of sniffing around…Slowly increase the time in between bathroom visits, if she messes up you may have to decrease the time again for a day or two, but keep slowly spacing them out till you get into a real routine. Good luck!

  11. I agree, I think maybe she needs to go back to just the small area… maybe she’ll realize, “$hit, I messed up having all the space since I pooped in the corner all the time” and after a while you can try again, and if she poops, then back to the small area. Who knows? I have the same problem! Although I also have the poop-eater aka the “bugg poop vacuum” haha!

  12. Haha I am still waiting with Gus and Indy. And Indy is the good one. Sigh… Gus refuses to poop outside at night, he laughs at me I am pretty sure.
    Everyone few weeks they get really good.
    I tell them what they did was wrong (usually they know it) and then when the do go outside they get praises and we go inside for cookies. 🙂
    Good luck!

  13. Norman is 7 and still craps on the rug in the den. I have NO ADVICE. If you find a solution, I will pay you cash money for it.

  14. Ha ha ha!!! Norman’s woman, you’re so funny!

  15. Mandy always refuses to go outside in the rain and poops in the hall. Thank goodness we have wood floors. She’s almost twelve and I haven’t found a way to stop it yet. But when it rains is the only time she does it so yay for small miracles.

  16. I read all the comments with interest beacuse little Riley is not potty training. He’ll come in from the yard and go poop right then. YIKES!

    Love the silly face!


  17. […] had a “pooping incident” with Rukia in about a week (since two days before my post asking for help). So I’m hoping it was just a fluke…with her getting used to having […]

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