A few quick thoughts…

Oh, hey everybody! I feel like I haven’t updated the site in forever! Just things have been so crazy with the holidays, the guest design spot over at Paper Popsicles (I was in a mad rush finishing everything), my boss being out sick at work and I was covering her position as well as mine. Craziness! Other than that, not much has gone on…we’re cleaning up the place slowly…want it looking spic and span for when my Mom visits later this month at Christmastime.

We haven’t decorated yet. I think I’m going to drag out the tree this weekend. Normally it would go up in the living room by the window so you can see it from the street, but the living room is now officially part of the pugs dominion, and I don’t think a decorated tree would be a good idea to leave unattended with them all day long. Did you catch that? Yes, Napoleon & Rukia…once held captive all day in the kitchen (granted, a very spacious kitchen) are now free to roam in BOTH the living room and the kitchen. They love it. They’ve already taken over the couches and chairs in that room. Rukia is so lazy now when I walk by, she won’t even get off the couch to come see me. The disrespect!

Here’s a cute video of the puggies enjoying their new playground…!


~ by Nevis on December 3, 2008.

22 Responses to “A few quick thoughts…”

  1. Very cute video, I bet they are very excited about having a bigger area to call all their own..
    And you have been very busy at work..


  2. Awww – they are so cute! Makes me want to get a little brother or sister for Harry.

  3. That’s cool! they have a bigger space now! The video looks kind of the blender, when you prepare chocolate-vanilla milkshake ;P

  4. I’ll have to watch it later! :p Your designs on PP were fabulous!!! I am very jealous. I seem to be collecting the stuff and not actually have a chance to do anything with it. I am mass producing christmas cards tonight though.. should be interesting. lol
    I have been to pp mb a few times but I am lazy and don’t post.. :p

  5. They are so enjoying their new space. I bet they have such fun playing with one another.

  6. They are so cute swirling around each other, and their little growls are just so darn ferocious!

  7. I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to, now I know! The puggies look so cute playing together!

  8. hi allison!
    oh how fun! i bet the puggies feel all grown up!
    m & e

  9. watching them play is so cute! boy, have i heard that sound before!

  10. If Napoleon is anything like that other Napoleon, he’ll conquer the entire house eventually …

  11. I really like your new banner. V nice.

  12. Haha what a cute video! I definitely need another pug.
    Where we get Clover’s nails clipped (PetSmart, in Canada, of course) it costs $11, and an extra $5 to have them clean her ears too. It’s definitely worth it for us because both things are done in fewer than 5 minutes and if we go far enough away from the enclosed room, we can’t hear her screaming! LOL. Clover is way to wiggly for us to do it – it would take us at least an hour, I am sure!

  13. yea….that picture only shows about 1/3 of the wine that was out and consumed that evening….hahaha. Jeremy and I frequently down a bottle over a long dinner – I think it’s the best way to end a day, yes?

  14. what a cute video! we see that wrestling match in our house too. pugs are so silly. did I leave a comment about seeing terry and rukia on loldogs? if not, i saw them on loldogs!

  15. Thanks for making my morning with that video!

  16. Adorable video!!! Nothing is cuter than 2 pups playing. I can’t believe they have the run of TWO rooms. They must have gotten wee wee trained. 🙂

  17. Nice video!

  18. This wonderful video brings back memories … of earlier today. I … Wendell, let go of my tail!

  19. That is a great video. Aren’t siblings fun? Mom says there is no Grinch but the animated one.

    Roxy & Lucky

    PS, we tagged you for a meme.

  20. They look so much like my two- no wonder the Vet said they were easy to mix up! Are you planning to come to Porch Tour Saturday night? Stop by-the pugs will be in exhile (too many doors open and chances to escape) but I’ll sneak you in to meet them. DH will be dressed as the Victorian Bobbie and I’ll be in green with a black hat!

  21. Thank you so much Nevis. God heard!!!!!!

  22. I love your projects for us this month!!!

    You’ve been tagged on my blog!

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