Happy Birthday, Mom!

mombirthdayToday it’s my Mom’s Birthday! And in honor of that, I thought I’d take this opportunity to discus my Mom! 🙂 She’s a totally awesome lady. First of all, she was a great Mom. She used to take my brother and I to all sorts of museums as a kids (like an Egyptian Roseacrution museum and Japanese rose gardens) and we did craft or school projects – which instilled a love of art in both of us.

I particularly remember school projects where I had to make a model of the San Diego Mission in 4th grade – we made the tile roof by hand! And then a Medieval Castle in 7th grade (remember the stained glass windows that we made with the melted crayon shavings?) we worked on them together as a family.

She also taught me how to cook, and how to appreciate good food. I distinctly remember how we used to watch cooking shows every saturday evening that she’d taped from PBS earlier in the day (this was back before there was a Food Network).

Also, and probally most importantly, when my brother became ill with ALS and was too sick to take care of himself, she selflessly took him in, sold her business (she owned an art studio) and took care of him full time all by herself until he passed. And then not just a few months later, my grandmother (her mother) became ill with cancer and my Mother packed up her life and moved up to live with my grandmother to take care of her until she passed on. My Mother has had a very hard life these past few years and she is a wonderful person who deserves tons of love and happiness.

So thank-you, Mom, for being totally awesome and have a wonderful day today!

What sort of good memories do you have of your mom? It isn’t Mother’s Day, but why shouldn’t you appreciate your mother every day?


~ by Nevis on November 20, 2008.

18 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Well, I got all choked up reading your post! Your mom sounds like a truly selfless woman. I hope her birthday is the best yet!

    My mom raised my brother and I by herself, and we didn’t have much. Oddly, my best memories are from the times when things were really hard. I suppose it’s because we always knew everything would be okay as long as we had her!

  2. Wow your mom is amazing! Happy birthday!

  3. Please pass on Birthday Wishes from us as well. Your mom sounds like an amazing person!!
    My mom raised my brother and sister and I by herself, while she worked full time. I have some wonderful childhood memories with Mom – some of my favourites: reading time together every night and family movie nights with hot chocolate and popcorn!

  4. That is a really wonderful tribute to your mom – she sounds like an amazing lady. It’s great when your hero and your mom are the same person :))) Big Happy Birthday to her from all of us here in VA.

  5. hi allison!
    happy birthday to your mom!
    what a special relationship you two have!

  6. Happy Birthday to your awesome Mom, from Exile.
    Can’t elaborate on how great my Mom was in your comments section, though, or I’ll cry.

  7. Dear Allison

    This was the best birthday I could ever have because of your post here today. I appreciate everything you said but as you know I would do anything in my power to do for you and your brother. It was my greatest JOYto have you 2 kids. Nothing was more important to me than to have you and to see that I did all that I could do for you. And I always will.

    And I agree with Pearl some of the best times were when we had to make do with just the little things the struggle was what was good when you look back on it. I think about early on in your Dad’s and my marriage during the really lean times was some of the best times. Same as when you kids were little and it was a struggle to be a stay-at-home Mom we did find the joys in the free things or to see a movie at the dollar show. Or just go to the park. I loved making the school projects as a family. They were some of my best memories.

    Thank you for being my daughter, the best daughter I could have I love you so very much.

    I’m glad you have found Terry and are happy. That is what is important to me that you are happy

    Allisons very Proud Mama

  8. Wonderful tribute and thankful mom too! Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. happy birthday to your mom!

  10. Happy Birthday to Allisons Proud Mom! Licks and snorts all around!

  11. Happy 29th Birthday to your mom. 😉
    She sounds like a precious jewel.
    My mom had a child with physical problems to and I think God picks out special women to bless with these children. Not all women can handle it.

  12. Those are precious stories. I am glad you are so blessed to have a wonderful mom, and I wish her many years of good health and happiness!

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom. She sounds like a wonderful person. We are also glad you have such wonderful, happy memories of time spent with her.

    Roxy & Lucky

  14. I have read the post and your mom’s comment twice and now I am crying! She is a wonderful mom and you are a wonderful daughter to appreciate all she has done for you and your brother. She reminds me of my mother, even though we were not very close during my childhood and teen years (long story), I still think she is the best and I really want someday to try to be as good as she is.

  15. happy birthday mom! your daughter is a good writer and makes me laugh. she has good taste is dogs too.

  16. Happy happy birthday Mom! Thanks for raising one cool chickie.

    Allison- your Mom sounds so great. It’s so good to read how special your relationship is.

  17. This was a very sweet post. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady and I hope this year brings her nothing but the best!

    It was my mom’s birthday the 18th. She is a great mom too. 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful post!

    I can only hope to be as good a Mom to my girls as my Mom has been to me!

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