Gears, Scrapbooking and Pugs, oh my!

gearswar2Well, what’s been going on here in our world? In a word, Gears of War 2. Okay, that’s like four words, but still, you get my point. The game has pretty much consumed our world since it came out last week. As you may or (may not) know, Gears of War is a really great Xbox 360 game that came out two years ago and it was through it that ended up causing Terry and I to meet (click here for details).  

So the game has special significence for us, but also it’s just a really great game. And it’s sequal came out last week, and we completely enjoyed playing it (and beating it) and are now engrossed in it’s multiplayer. There are a lot of new multiplayer aspects, including a really awesome mode called ‘Horde’ where you and four of your friends fight against wave after wave of enemies until 50 waves have passed. It’s totally awesome!

Also, as I stated in an earlier post, I am the guest designer of the month for “December” over at the popular scrapbooking wesbite, “Paper Popsicles“…and I’ve been working on all of my samples. I can’t show you anything I’ve done yet, but I’ve got some photos of my helper, Napoleon who was sitting at my feet helping me. Okay, he wasn’t helping me so much as he was laying on my supplies, snoring and looking cute. But it is comforting to have his little warm presense at my feet.

Here’s a photo of him before he settled down. He’s just a blur of snorting, snuffling movement.


My muse looking fierce. Make it work, Poley bear!


Here he’s settled down mostly by now. And yes, he had stolen a sheet of letters and was sleeping on it. Aww…look at those puppy dog eyes! He’s like…Mommy…stop scrapbooking and come snuggle with me!


My friend Jackie Tagged me as a cool chick! She also wants to know 6 Random Things About Me! So here you go:

  1. I love the Carpenter’s Christmas album. It isn’t christmas until I decorate the house while listening to it.
  2. My favorite number has been 37 since I was in 6th grade. Long story.
  3. I cannot go to bed unless I’m actually sleepy. I hate lying awake in bed.
  4. I eat cheeseburers plain (meat, cheese, bun only).
  5. I do not believe that vegetables have any place in my desserts. Who invented carrot cake? This makes me suspicious. It’s like bait -n- switch, right? You’re supposed to be getting cake, but they’re throwing a veggie in there? And Zucchini bread was obviously invented by the nazis.
  6. I sing and dance with the pugs every day. Multiple times a day. Rukia has a themesong. Poley is the Super King of the Pugs and has a pomp & circumstance that goes along with that. And we all do the ‘Guacamole Dance’ which I made up one day when, fittingly, I was making guacamole.

I tag everyone because if you’r reading my blog, you must be (inherently) cool! Ha!

And last, but certainly not least, we’re doing a 3-day online Holiday Crop over at Paper Popsicles. Come check it out! If you scrapbook, do papercrafts, or are interested in learning more…come check it out!


~ by Nevis on November 13, 2008.

18 Responses to “Gears, Scrapbooking and Pugs, oh my!”

  1. Ahh but it doesn’t capture the noise.. and I wish it was only an hour! Well it is for Indy.. Gus though. Gus is on crack, 24/7, and speed and maybe meth with some heroin thrown in. The dog is hyper.. lol
    I sing and dance with Gus and i just dance with Indy.. they don’t always enjoy it and I have to be careful with Indy’s knee… and Gus tries to bit me, but I love it! 🙂
    And poley is super cute lying on your stickers!!

  2. I have to keep my scrapbooking stuff on a table because Pearl likes to lie on paper and Daisy eats it.

    Love the meme! I sing to the pugs (my hubbie and I can turn any song into a pug song) but dancing is OUT. It freaks both dogs out. Pearl bites my knees and Daisy just looks terrified.

  3. TOTALLY agree with the carrot cake. What’s next? Broccoli brownies? Cauliflower meringue pie? Dog forbid, Asparagus pudding?


  4. We went back and read your story about how you two met! What a fun story!

  5. hi allison!
    i cannot wait to see your pages! i am so excited and poley is just the cutest assistant you could ask for!
    m & e

  6. OOOOHHHH you think I’m cool? I feel like saying something very witty or catchy…oh dang…nothing comes to mind except the nagging urge to drag my man-parts…My Daddy wants to play that game! You sing & dance with your pugs!?!? My mommy sings & dances with me! Most recently tunes from Sweeney Todd and mumbling how fine Johnny Depp is…or something…The live version of it should be coming back to augusta soon & Mommy said she isn’t going to miss it this time, & how she wishes Johnny was in the live version, but she would so attack everyone on that stage to get to him…or something like that…
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  7. my dughter eats her cheeseburgers the same way. Hubby has taught the puggies to dance together, it is very cute. I will try to tape it someday. :o) no singing though I wish the puppies would howl…and what? no lich king???

  8. I haven’t played Gears of War (no XBox 360), but I love the trailer for it with the hero running around in the ruins while the song “Mad World” plays in the background.

  9. OMG, my husband is totally consumed with that game! I scrap he plays….perfect combination…then I don’t feel like I’m neglecting him!!! LOL Looking forward to your DT work! Your pugs are adorable!

  10. Cute Poley pictures!
    I loved your random things…cheeseburgers plain? :/

  11. Norman also has a theme song!

  12. Hi there…here’s a tip for you! check out they have a game called Scrapbook Paige, apparently you have to organize and find scrapbook supplies!
    See Ya!

  13. Hey.. just registered for a name, have to wait to be activated though. lol oh well. i am at work for another 3.5 hours and then it takes me about an hour to get home…

  14. Hi! I talk to Coco all the time but I barely sing…. mainly because I sing so bad it sounds as if I am talking! Now that I am working on the journals or my scrapbook, I find more comfortable to do it sitting on the floor using the coffee table to work on. Coco had also found comfort laying down by me. He didn’t use to do that before, he has always been very independent. Now he lays down by me wherever I am, and since I am all happy I don’t move for nothing to not break the *magic*! haha the other day I almost peed on my pants!

  15. Oh man! I missed Poley’s birthday. Well, I wish him a Happy, Happy Late birthday! Those pictures are sooo cute, what a sweet baby boy he was, now so grown up.

    The game sounds like a lot of fun!

    Mom is on her way to look at the scrapbook place. She does cards but doesn’t scrapbook, but loves looking at pretty pages!

  16. LOL! The pic of Poley Posessed is hilarious!

    We wish you lived closer….mommy could totally convert you with her EVIL delicious carrot cake! It’s slathered (mmmm….sllllathered!) in cream cheese frosting, so it kind of negates the whole veggie concept. Daddy told her carrot cake was “wrong” too….then she gave him a bite and he shut up and now that’s the only cake he asks for on his birthday!

    Have a great weekend! It’s almost Carpenters Time!


  17. Hi, stumbled upon your post and I too have pug. Just love her.
    Looking forward to seeing your work

  18. Yes, Magda enjoys helping me with my crafts. She has already run into the glue gone and last week was in the ‘diamond glaze’. She keeps getting a little upper lip wax when I try to peel it off.

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