Napoleon Turns One!

This last weekend was Napoleon’s first birthday. We didn’t do too much of anything special….although we did go out to Olive Garden to celebrate…but didn’t bring the pugs or bring them a doggie bag back. I know, aren’t we terrible pug-parents? However all weekend long the pugs got extra treats like bananas, scrambled egg, cheese. We also bought him a new AKC toy (a Canadian Goose) that is already his new favorite.  

In honor of Poley’s first birthday, here are a few pictures from when we first got him. What a precious little baby boy he was..! Awww…I get choked up a little. He is all of 2 months young in these photos.


~ by Nevis on November 10, 2008.

25 Responses to “Napoleon Turns One!”

  1. That last photo is begging for a caption.
    Bloggin. Im doin’ it rong.

  2. Happy Birthday Napo! (I have a co-worker that is named Napoleon, too, and we call him Napo)
    Thanks for the baby pictures, this turned my work day in a happy one!

  3. Happy Birthday Poley!(that sounds very manly!) What a cute pup he was!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. HAPPY BARKDAY NAPOLEON! Kisses from Meimei and Miko

  5. Happy Birthday Napoleon

    Gosh I remember how little and so cute he was when we went to pick him up from the breeder, can’t believe he is a year old, wow does time fly.


  6. baaaaah – baby pug belleh!! it’s too much!!

  7. Happiest Barkday to you, Napoleon! I bet you have been such a blessing to your family in the last year! Hope you get lots of treats!

  8. How adorable! Happy Birthday Napoleon! Glad it was a good one!

  9. Happy happy birthday, Napoleon!!!!! That bites that your parents went outside to celebrate the Poley day with no YOU. Do you has the # for the es pee see eh or should I just calls it for you?

    ~Harry P.

  10. Happy Birthday Napoleon! What a cute puppy! Now a handsome devil 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Napoleon!

    Roxy & Lucky

  12. Happy Birthday, Napolean!

  13. What sweet pictures!! Happy Birthday Napoleon!

  14. Happy birthday, Napoleon!

  15. happy birthday poley!
    we love you!
    m & e

  16. Happy Birthday Nappy Man!

  17. happy birthday … you’re pug is so cute!!

  18. Happy Birthday, Napoleon! I hope you at least got some Olive Garden leftovers. Those are very sweet puppy pictures, I love the one with his legs in the air.

  19. Happy Birthday Poley!
    That last photo is so cute. hehe

  20. You rock! Thanks for the link! I would love to make those little piggies…maybe make them tan and black!

  21. OH MY! The hubby and I just oohed and ahhed over the adorable baby photos:) Happy Birthday Napoleon!

  22. Happy Birthday to Napoleon!!!
    I love your pictures…he’s so darn cute!!

    Hey Nevis…make sure you check out my blog!! I’ve tagged you, because you are a “Cool Chick”!!!

  23. happy birthday Napoleon!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Poley!

    We hope you had a great day full of snuggles and tummy rubs (since sadly, you didn’t get any Olive Garden treats! HAHAA).


  25. Happy Birthday Poley! And OMG puppy belly!!! I want to nom him! Gah he was so cute!

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