48 Days until Christmas…

Can you believe it? It feels like it was just summer…and now I’m getting out my winter coats, organizing plans for Christmas, decorating, and making Christmas Gift lists. It’s like I can barely wrap my head around the thought that Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks. That’s so mindblowing…where did this year go? Yikes!

Well, I’ve already decided what we’re doing for Turkey Day. Since it’s just the two of us, I’ll just do my own variation of the traditional foods…I’ll prepare them in a quick manner, probally cooking everything in about an hour. Last year I roasted two chickens (Tyler Florances’s recipe), made an Italian Sausage stuffing, gravy, mashed potatos and corn. I’ll do that again…although maybe this year I’ll try a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I cut out of the new Food Network magazine…it’s the recipe from Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

I am looking forward to the season for a few reasons…first of all there is something comforting about the holidays. It reminds you of fond memories and makes you feel loved and all cozy. And the yummy foods. And my Mom will be coming out and I really miss her. Also the gifts are pretty sweet, too!

And you? What are you doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Have you even started thinking about it yet? Have your Christmas gift lists organized yet? Have you started shopping yet? Let me know!


~ by Nevis on November 6, 2008.

15 Responses to “48 Days until Christmas…”

  1. I’m shocked at how quickly this year has gone too. I am looking forward to the Holidays and spending them with you “4”


  2. God.. 48 days left??? :p
    Well.. we might head down to do some after black friday shopping at target on that weekend. 🙂
    I already have 2.5 gifts bought… only 8.5 million left to go!! lol And i am on the 3rd book… sigh..

  3. It’s so nice to meet you all! You puggies are TOO cute!

  4. I’ve definitely been thinking about the holidays and even started some of my shopping… as fast as the year has already gone, I know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in no time and I better be prepared! As a kid, everything seems to “magically” come together without us having to do anything. But now? The holidays will only be great if WE make them great! Scary!

  5. Man! 48 days???? Is that all???? I’m so not ready!!!!!!!

  6. Hi! We always visit hubby’s dad for thanksgiving, in North Florida, but this year I am not sure if I will be able to get the friday off. I don’t ask at work because I got one more week of vacation this year but it was not supposed to be so… ooops!
    For Christmas my family will be visiting. I will make dinner on the 24th and then for new year’s we will go to disney/epcot. I don’t buy gifts because my sister does not buy anything for her kids (or maybe buy a little something for them but anyone else) and doesn’t want us get something for them… so I just give each of the kids money for them to buy what they want. Two months ago my 3 nephews put together the money they got and bought a new xbox! Hubby wanted some cook books, and I got them yesterday. I just have to buy something for my mom and something else for hubby and of course for coco!

  7. Oh man, xmas is around the corner again! ugh. I’m going to try to start getting some gifts out of the way this weekend. Every year I try to start shopping earlier and earlier, but theres always that 1 person who you don’t know what to buy them and you end up buying them anything at the last minute!

  8. Yea I have an hour commute and there and back so lots of time to read, plus about an hour for lunch, so yay reading!

  9. That’s wonderful your mom can come visit Thanksgiving!! We’ll go to my mom’s as we always do. I’m so glad I have her.

  10. wha?! I didn’t hardly get past the post title. 48 days? really?

    I’ve made that Cheesecake Factory recipe. SO yummy!

  11. Ooh, this means we have to get SHOPPING!!!

    We have an award for you on our page!

  12. OMG! You’re rushing me!
    Cute skirt ;o)

  13. Mmm..did you make those little cornish hens that he did on his show??
    We are doing a progressive style Thanksgiving with some of my family and family friends who all live in the same neighborhood in NC where we’re from. It’s going to be different than our usual traditional format, but we’ve decided it will be more fun and less stressful for one individual person this way. I’m really looking forward to it.
    I will probably bake my famous pumpkin pie and not have to worry about anything else. Last year I hosted my first Thanksgiving and our old apartment – it went well, but I was so stressed out!

  14. oh, don’t say that, it’s just crazy! i can’t believe how fast time is flying by…i do love the holiday season though!

  15. It’s all about the Victorian Front Porch Tour for me!

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