Pug the Vote!

voteWell, today is election day. And I have a few feelings about it. First of all, I’m voting for Obama, but I feel that no matter who wins, it will definitely mean change and I think that’s a good thing. I will also be VERY glad to see a cessation of all these political ads on the TV and radio. They’re so annoying! Is it just my imagination or has there been more of them this year than ever before?

I’m going after work with Terry to our local polling place and we’re going to do our civic duty. Personally I do not understand people who don’t vote that can.

Past Americans fought and died so that we as American’s could have this right to vote. And American’s are still dying so that we may have this right. Additionally, as women, we fought hard to have this right during the Woman’s suffrage movement…I think it is an honor and our duty as an American and a woman to go out and have our voice heard…no matter what your political affilliation.

So…off my soapbox now. Go out and vote!


~ by Nevis on November 4, 2008.

15 Responses to “Pug the Vote!”

  1. Yes so vote!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. UGGGGGHHHH What is that PINK BLOB!?!? SO takes away from the Snuggle Puggle Mandoglyness which is mine!!!! Please tell me how to change it!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. I actually don’t know if you can change that…? At least…it may be pink but it has horns!

  4. Yay soap box!!
    I love Martha.. my girlfriend got the blood drip candles from her website and they turned out really well. 🙂

    Try having commercials of the canadian politics going on too.. thank god that ended oct 4th. Now we civic elections (for mayor and blah blah) to go through as well. will it ever end??? lol

  5. Oh and i started reading Marked (it is very expensive knowing you! lol) but so far, really good!

  6. great post allison!
    today is a very exciting day!
    m & e

  7. I am very very proud of the daughter I raised and want to thank you for your post today. You make me feel wonderful. I agree everyone should vote. Of course living out here in California sometimes it is all over by the time the polls close here. But we should still vote no matter what. Hope your lines aren’t too long when you do go tonight.

    Cute picture too…


  8. Hi! I can’t vote yet, but I agree with you, everybody should vote. In my country it is mandatory and I have always done so, even after moving to the U.S.

  9. yes, i agree! go obama!

  10. We voted, for Obama! We agree with you completely about the fact that voting is a duty to our country and a right we must never take for granted.


  11. Thank you for visiting with me. I have enjoyed reading some of your entries. I also enjoyed the pictures of the baby pugs in your earlier posts.
    I , for one, will be so happy when this election is over. Two years of being bombarded with rhetoric is quite enough. *smile*

  12. I totally agree with you! I voted too!

    I just love your pug voting sign, adorable!

  13. We voted Obama too. I’ve never not voted for the winning candidate. Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama. Yeah, I voted for Bush. Twice. Embarrassing …

  14. Yes and they will be more expensive to replace.. sigh.. and no the jacket was newish (2 years old) and my mother tells me horribly expensive. He took out 400$ worth of clothing in a weekend!! WTF!
    And I finished Marked and now am reading Betrayel, I went and bought the other books last night. It is like a female vampyre version of HP!

  15. I voted.

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